Weekly update: 2017 week #23

This is our weekly update for the 23th week of 2017. The features and fixes might arrive at the desktop and mobile app a few days later than the web version.


  • We’re working to pass the App Store review on the iOS app. There are some issues with the app that we need to quickly touch-up. Scheduled for a call with Apple later today. Stay tuned!


  • [Search] Made remembering scroll position play nice when entering and exit search. Now, both the cursor position and the scroll position will be remembered upon entering search and restored when exiting search.
  • [UI/minor] You can now middle click the node bullet to open an item in a new tab.
  • [Tag pane] Reduced lag caused by tag pane display while typing.
  • [Export] Change the “note” attribute to “_note” in OPML export for interoperability with other outliners.
  • [Search/minor] Added “color:none” search operator.


  • [Keymap] Fixed cannot customize shortcuts to Ctrl+Enter.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed cannot drag item to the first position under a list when there’re hidden checked items there.
  • [Android app] Fixed accidentally introducing invisible line separator Unicode characters would cause “No document is open” errors.
  • D Murphy

    Go get ’em. The iOS app will be a huge win

  • Francisco


    “[UI/minor] You can now middle click the node bullet to open an item in a new tab.”

    Hummnn, not “minor”! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Mark VanOuse

    >>[UI/minor] You can now middle click the node bullet to open an item in a new tab.>> what does “middle click” mean. I only have a left and right click on my Windows mouse. Thanks.

    • It’s the scroll-wheel. Do you have that on your mouse?

      Ctrl+Click or right click and then “Open link in new tab” should do the same thing, but clicking or right clicking on the bullet both do something else, so middle-click is the only way to make use of this right now. We can try to free up Ctrl+Click soon too, for those who do not have scroll-wheels.

      • Mark VanOuse

        Yeah, I do… just discovered it clicks. Now there is something I can do all day with the middle click. Wow!

  • Ken

    The ability to “… open an item in a new tab.” would be a MAJOR improvement for my usage of Dynalist, especially coming from Workflowy and related to my basic browser navigation.

    However, is there a way to accomplish this via Mac trackpads? Since Macs don’t typically support middle-clicking I’ve tried installing a couple external apps to add middle-mouse functionality but I haven’t found a solution that reliably enables this functionality.

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for letting us know about your use case!

      Just curious, how do you normally open links in a new tab? “Right clicking” with the trackpad and then select the menu option?

      • Ken


        I normally/always open new browser links (in Chrome) by holding down the Mac keyboard’s “command” button and single-tapping (aka left-clicking) on the touchpad (or magic trackpad). Links then open in a new browser tab.

        I’ve activated Dynalist’s “Use bullet point to zoom in” setting (ahh, thanks!) but the “command” button doesn’t seem to modify a left-click/single-tap, so both types of taps zoom into the bullet point. Perhaps other Dynalist users would like the “command” key to modify the left-click and open in a new tab like regular Chrome links.


        • Hi Ken,

          Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve made the change and it should work as you described now. Cheers!

          • Ken

            Hello and Thank You for adding this functionality!
            I’m very happy that Dynalist now allows me to open a tab for a bullet point with one click!


          • Glad you like it. Cheers!