Weekly update: 2017 week #37

This is our weekly update for the 37th week of 2017. The features and fixes might arrive at the desktop and mobile app a few days later than the web version.


  • [Search] Always show completed items when searching for “is:completed”, even when you’ve set completed items to hidden.
  • [Mobile] Allow opening all external URL schemes. That is, you can open links to open other apps (e.g. opening an Evernote link that starts with “evernote://”) in Dynalist.


  • Fixed pasting from Microsoft Word randomly deletes spaces.
  • Fixed Up/Down key not working currently in the current zoomed in item title when there are multiple lines.
  • Fixed “**#tag**” doesn’t correctly show up as bold.
  • Mr.Rock

    I am using web version Dynalist on iOS and Android.
    However, the behavior of tool bar is different between iOS and Android.
    The toolbar of iOS is floating above the item with the cursor but the tool bar of Android is located above the keyboard.
    ①Could you make the tool bar of Android be the floating tool bar like iOS ?
    I also have one more request.
    Floating tool bar is good idea, but it is located above the item with the cursor ,so I can not see the item above the item I am trying to write. I think it is better that the toolbar is placed under the item with the cursor.
    ②Could you change the location of floating tool bar ?
    Thank you for your considering.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76bce6730679ecd067d62d2e50b1f059c9a893b6de50bf809cebbde98c96dbf0.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6b7d16403569b88b8b2c33b90a85cfbca8ee74d381c58b3a084f62ae03d6501.png

    • Hi, thanks for reaching out and for attaching the pictures! It’s a lot easier to see what you mean with those screenshots! 🙂

      So the iOS version looks different because of technical difficulties: it’s impossible for us to place the toolbar directly above the keyboard in iOS Safari, so we went with the floating toolbar. If you download the iOS app, you’ll see consistent behavior with the Android version.

      We prefer placing the toolbar closer to your fingers too, of course, when it’s possible to do 🙂

      • Mr.Rock

        Thank you for your reply.
        I think floating tool bar is good so I hope that the tool bar of Android become the floating tool bar like iOS.

        • Hi, unfortunately because of usability, we will use the toolbar (like in Android) whenever possible. The floating toolbar is too far away from the fingers.

          Any reason you prefer floating toolbar over the regular one? Is it because of the looks or functionality? Maybe we can consider incorporating those.