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Weekly update: 2017 week #11

This is our weekly update for the 11th week of 2017.


  • Auto-complete tags across all documents. To enable this, check the “Auto-complete tags from other documents” option under Settings – Preferences – Control. There’s no need to refresh the page for this option to take effect. (Web only; coming to all platforms soon)
  • Drag document to convert to item. Before, you could drag an item to the file pane but not the other way around. Now you can drag things both ways, and it’s easier than ever to organize your Dynalist structure.


  • Now you can tell which items are directly checked off and which ones are checked off via their parents (i.e. the check-off action was performed on the parent, not the item itself). Checked off items will be have strike-through text style AND look faded, whereas those checked off via parent will only be faded.
  • “Notifications” is now changed to “What’s new” to avoid confusion. Many of you asked why notifications for dates won’t appear there 🙁


  • [Date] Fixed custom date format was not properly used in Search Everywhere results.
  • [Mobile/UI] Fixed extra space between items that have sub-items (fixed in 1.0.16).
  • [UI/minor] Made all Settings tabs the same height so it doesn’t “jump” when you switch between tabs.
  • [UI/minor] Removed “Re-sync to Google Calendar” option in the main menu since it’s no longer needed.

Weekly update: 2017 week #10

Last week we made lots of improvements:


  • New Pro setting: custom date format. You can find it under Settings – Preferences – Date.


  • Front-end speed optimization. We first reduced the number of elements on the page by about 24%, and then we rewrote much of the front-end structures to make things faster. To see things in action, see a screen recording from before and after the optimization. Pay attention to how fast the menu icons on the left of the bullet point reacts, and how fast typing has become. This test document contains 8,303 items that are deeply nested and fully expanded. The initial load still takes time to build and place the elements, but after everything gets loaded huge documents are now much more usable than before. This is on the web version only right now; it will come to all available platforms shortly.
  • Improved move item/internal link search. Now items that match the search term more closely and that are in the same document will appear higher up in the search results.


  • [Copy paste] Fixed multiple rows get pasted from Microsoft Excel into Dynalist as a single item.
  • [Search] Fixed exact search terms (marked with quotation marks) being case-insensitive. They should be case-sensitive.
  • [Google sign-in] Added helpful error message when Google sign-in fails. We recently found out that the issue happens when you have your “Block third-party cookies and site data” setting enabled. Adding Dynalist to the whitelist solves the problem.
  • [Export] Made “Download HTML file” and “Download OPML file” follow the “Export visible items only” setting.
  • [UI/minor] Made checkboxes appear when printing the page.

That’s it, more goodies are coming next week!

Weekly update: 2017 week #9

Hello and welcome to March! Here’s the latest news from us:


  • Good progress on updating changes in real-time. This both makes collaboration faster and reduces server load, so we prioritized this for providing a more reliable service.
  • Great process on frontend performance optimization. We’ve identified a core cause behind the lag for large documents, and we’re rewriting lots of our frontend code to do things the new way. This would make loading and scrolling much faster for huge documents.


  • Added link to the destination item in the success popup when moving items. That way, you can easily go where you’ve moved the item, to check it out or do other things.
  • As part of the server reliability initiative, we added a request exponential back-off system. This means if the server is briefly unavailable, the clients won’t “spam” the server at a fixed frequency so hard that the server has trouble restarting. From past experience, this would shorten downtime if sh*t does happen.


  • [UI/minor] Fixed document titles not displaying in Search Everywhere results.
  • [Gcal] Fixed the link in the description field always points back to the document but not the particular item.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed the “Zoom in” options showing “Bookmark this list” after zooming in. It did not change what happens when you choose that option; only the tooltip text is wrong.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed cannot open Dropbox/Google Drive/Google Calendar authorization links on the desktop app.

We’ve also updated our changelog to reflect our latest focus, namely Dynalist Capture extension and API (alpha). So excited to get our hands on them!

Weekly update: 2017 week #8

Last week:


  • We investigated the blank screen problem that’s sometimes encountered when opening the desktop app. We found two things that could cause the problem. One of them is fixed, and we added more information for the second one (we didn’t fix it since it seems highly unlikely to happen at all). The fix was released in 1.0.21, but because we didn’t know exactly how it’s caused, we’re not calling it fixed. If you continue to see an entirely blank screen after updating to 1.0.21 or newer, please let us know and we’ll do more investigation.
  • We investigated the document disappearance problem on the desktop app. It’s pretty rare, and the symptom is that when you add documents while offline, documents seem to disappear from the desktop app while it’s still available on the web version. It should be fixed now, we apologize for the inconvenience to anyone who ran into the problem in the past!
  • We started to investigate the slowness on mobile apps when loading relatively large documents (1,000+ items). Currently, the problem is worse in the iOS app, since it’s using a less optimized browser for technical reasons. Closed beta testers may find it much slower than the Safari web version. Hopefully we’ll make progress this coming week to shave off loading and rendering time to benefit the performance on all platforms.


  • The Android app is now available for public beta! You can get it here.


  • [Mobile/iOS] Fixed cannot copy paste on iOS Safari.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed cannot select formatted text in read only mode.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed sometimes note is displayed twice when just exited the search mode.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed cannot edit numbered list on mobile. Before, when you tap on the numbered list item, it will toggle its collapsed state.

This week and next week will mostly be used to catch up on bugs and performance optimization. We pushed off lots of things while building Google calendar integration, and now it’s time to squash some bugs.

After that, we’ll update our changelog and roadmap to reflect our most up-to-date focus. Stay tuned!

Weekly update: 2017 week #7

After finishing up with polishing Google Calendar integration, now it’s time to catch up on bugs and improvements:


  • We’re continuing the investigation on the blank screen problem with desktop apps, as well as beta mobile app crash when opening a large document. So far, we’ve got no luck reproducing either problem, so if you know any additional details as to how to make the the problem happen consistently, it would help tremendously! Don’t hesitate to shoot us a note about any findings you’ve got. Thanks in advance!


  • [Reliability] We set up monitoring for a few key metrics on the server. This will let us know about anything abnormal with the server, before it eventually leads to downtime. Hopefully this will prevent incidents like what happened last Wednesday in the future.
  • [Date/UI] Now you can remove a date quickly by clicking it while holding Alt.


  • [Gcal] Fixed date off by one for timezones in the UTC +1 to UTC +14 range (looks like “you’ll run into at least one timezone-related bug when doing any time-related stuff” is very true).
  • [UI/minor] Fixed date picker opens when tapping on a date in Read Mode on mobile.
  • [UI/minor] Fix main menu cannot be opened after being closed.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed misaligned bullet points under compact list density setting on mobile.

That’s it, see you next week!

Weekly update: 2017 week #6

Last week we mostly worked on improvements for Google Calendar integration and mobile.

For those who enabled Google Calendar last week and want to refresh your current Google Calendar events to use the latest format, there’s an option called “Re-sync to Google Calendar” in the main menu that you can use the force update all the events. This is a temporary option and will be removed after 2 weeks.

Below is the detailed list of improvements and fixes:


  • [Google Calendar] Dates at midnight will display as all-day events on Google Calendar.
  • [Google Calendar] Dates on Google Calendar will now be removed if they get deleted in Dynalist.
  • [Google Calendar] Added an option in settings to turn on or off Google Calendar sync for all documents at once. It’s convenient but use it with caution!
  • [Google Calendar] Link to Dynalist item is added to the event description field on Google Calendar, for those whose email client does not display the source link field.
  • [Mobile] You can now move items on mobile! Press and hold the bullet point and move your finger around to move it. Android and mobile web only right now, will come to iOS beta soon.
  • [Mobile] Added option to only use WiFi to sync. This is available only in the latest version of the Android beta app right now; it will come to the iOS beta app very soon. This is not applicable to the mobile web version.
  • [Mobile web/iOS] Added option to toggle checklist and get link on iOS mobile web.


  • [Google Calendar] Fixed duplicate calendar items in the dropdown after fetching multiple times.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed internal link suggestion popup disappears when clicking on the scrollbar.
  • [Mobile/minor] Fixed cannot see the last file in the left file pane on Android.

That’s it!

Over the next weeks we’ll focus on finishing polishing the mobile apps in order to release them soon, as well as improving date support and the move item feature. Stay tuned for future updates!

Google Calendar integration

The newest addition to Pro features is here: Google Calendar integration!

To start syncing events to your Google Calendar, first link your Google Calendar account. Then, let Dynalist know which calendar you want sync to, and which Dynalist documents you want to sync. For full instructions, see here.

After setting it up, the dates in Dynalist will be added and updated in Google Calendar as they are created and edited. For example, if I write this in Dynalist:

This will add a new event to your Google Calendar like this:

The event details will look like this, containing the note, breadcrumb of the item, and a link to the original Dynalist item:

Note that the sync happens in the background every minute, and it takes some time to process the events and send them over to Google. If you refresh your Google Calendar right after you add a date, it’s normal that it doesn’t show up right away. Do let us know if it still doesn’t show up after 10 minutes or so (make sure the document is synced though!).

We hope this makes Dynalist more useful for you. Enjoy!

Weekly update: 2017 week #5

Here’s the latest from Dynalist:


  • Google Calendar integration work. We’ve already testing it live ourselves, and after a few more tweaks it should be ready for you guys!


  • [Android/UX] You can now use the back button to exit search, settings, or to close the menu. This is on mobile web only right now, but it’s coming to the Android beta app very soon!
  • [UI/minor] The bookmark icon now only shows up when you hover over the current title, making the page cleaner.


  • [UI] Fixed dates and internal links being unreadable inside color labels.
  • [Mobile/UI] Fixed blank space on the right end of the screen in landscape view on tablets, if the document is set to center aligned (the default setting).
  • Fixed slight misalignment between folder titles and document titles.


Weekly update: 2017 week #4

Last week at Dynalist, we did these things:


  • [Mobile/feature] Moved item is now available on mobile web (both Android and iOS)!
  • [Mobile/feature] Color labels are now available on Android mobile web, in the three dots menu.
  • [Search] Color labels now show up in Search Everywhere results.
  • [Landing page] We gave our landing page a refresh! Go to our homepage in incognito mode to check it out if you’re curious.
  • [Sharing/UI] Now you can edit someone’s permission with a simple drop-down menu. Before, you had to remove the person and add him/her back with a different permission.
  • [Export] Checked items are now exported with strike-through formatting in the “Formatted” section.


  • [Clipboard] Fixed newline getting pasted at the end even if you’re only copying a single line.
  • [Mobile/UI] Fixed the setting pane not being scrollable on tablets.
  • [Mobile/UI] Fixed the white space at the end when scrolling down on mobile.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed cursor position not updated correctly after using formatting shortcuts like Ctrl+B.
  • [Export] Fixed the export option for the document root item producing empty results.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed tags not readable on dark theme.
  • [iOS beta fix] Fixed cursor disappearing after hitting Return or Backspace. The new beta version is currently under Apple’s beta app review.

That’s it for this week, see you next week!

Weekly update: 2017 week #3

Here’s what happened last week:


  • Work on Google Calendar integration has begun. In the first iteration of this, our goal is to sync the dates you put in Dynalist to your Google Calendar in the background after you’ve connected your Google Calendar.
  • iOS closed beta has started. We’re testing with the first batch of beta tesers, but we’re accepting invite requests too. Just shoot us a note and let us know you’d like to beta test the iOS app.


  • Sharing is improved. Now you can invite someone that doesn’t use Dynalist and we’ll send an invitation email on your behalf.


  • [Minor/UI] The complete item content is shown when you hover your mouse over a truncated title in the breadcrumb.


  • [Minor/UI] Fixed make checklist or numbered list option doesn’t work on the document title.

That’s it, until next time!