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2016/10/29 outage postmortem

For those not familiar with the word “postmortem” in our context, it’s a report after a serious incident that explains the causes of the incident and comes up with ways to prevent such incidents in the future.

Background info: Dynalist was down from 12 AM to around 9:30 AM EDT on October 29, 2016. No data was lost.

Link to the postmortem (analysis): click here.

We’ll update this blog post as we implement the measures mentioned in the postmortem.

We’re really, really sorry for the outage and the inconvenience it brought to those who tried to access Dynalist during the downtime, it’s totally our fault.

Customizing shortcuts

As a Pro user, you can now customize shortcut hotkeys.

To start, go to Settings → Keymap. Click on the shortcut you want to customize and press the new key combination you prefer. And that’s it! The new shortcut will take effect right away; no page refresh is needed.

For the new shortcuts you set, you must use at least one modifier key from Ctrl, Shift, and Alt. The key combination you choose must not conflict with existing ones. Note that the browser won’t let you override certain shortcuts like Ctrl+N and Ctrl+T.

After you customize a shortcut, the shortcut help panel will be updated, as well as their appearance in context menus and tooltips.

To reset a shortcut to default, click on the icon on the right side of the shortcut. This is also an indicator that this shortcut has been overridden.

Please let us know if you have questions about this feature or run into bugs while using it. Enjoy!

Announcing date support on !(2016-08-01)

Starting today, you can add dates to Dynalist and search for them!

It’s really simple. To insert a date, type “!” after a space, and a date-picker will pop up. You can either click “Done” or hit Enter after you’ve selected the date and time. We didn’t demo changing the time in the video above — but it’s very straightforward.

To edit an existing date, simply click on it and make changes on the date-picker. Click “Done” or use Enter to make the change.

Finally, to search for dates, use the syntax “within:”. You can do “within:5d” (during the next 5 days), “within:-2w” (during the past 2 weeks), or “within:3m” (during the next 3 months).

Best of all, you can bookmark these searches so that you don’t have to repeat them. Also a friendly reminder that you can switch to bookmarks using the file finder now, and we hope all these combined will improve your workflow! 😊

Related new settings: you can choose between 12-hour and 24-hour clock, with 12-hour clock being the default. You can also choose to add timezone to dates; consider turning this option on if you’re collaborating with people in other timezones.

By the way, there’s a related feature request for Google Calendar integration in our roadmap. Come vote for it if you’re interested!

Thanks to Brandon Bertelsen, Christian A. Garcia, Mike Wittenstein, Nick Wright, DA Southern, Ed Jr, Chris, Oliver Jakoubek for taking the time to give us feedback on the spec for date support. You guys are awesome!

Uploading any file

We just expanded the image upload Pro feature to allow any type of file! The upload process is the same: simply drag and drop to upload. A link markdown to the file will be generated for you.

We also made the file name of the uploaded file more friendly (it used to be just some random characters), so that when you download it, the file name still makes sense.

The monthly quota remains 1 GB for now, but if you ever feel that’s insufficient, let us know! We  might bump it up even more.

Numbered lists

Some lists are meant to be numbered. Recipes, instruction steps,  your top 50 movies… the list goes on. So the newest feature addition to Dynalist is to be able to number your lists!

Similar to making a checklist, you can make a numbered list by either selecting the option in the item menu or using the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N.

Hope you guys like it!

PSA: update about who can see your uploads

Uploaded images used to be visible to anyone with links, but realizing that some people are not comfortable with this, we recently changed all uploads to private. Now we added a new option for upload permissions so you have total control over your uploaded images.

How to update it: go to Settings, and under “Dynalist Pro” there’s an option called “Who can see what you upload”. You can choose between “only me” or “anyone with link”.

Hiding notes

Quick update: just added a handy utility to hide notes when you don’t feel like seeing them for some reason.

In the future, we’d possibly provide on more options for notes: show a teaser only, e.g. the first line of the note. If you think this is a good idea, please vote for this card on our roadmap!

Search & add link to anywhere in your Dynalist

We’re super excited about this feature that we’re rolling out: search and add link!

This would be really handy if you have complex cross references between documents, or if you have a meta organization document that links to more information elsewhere. Or you can build a personal wiki/knowledge base. It’s really up to you how you want to use it!

For more on how to use it, please refer to this article in our help center.

Image upload is here!

Finally, you can upload images to Dynalist!

Image upload is the newest addition to Dynalist Pro. No need to upload an image to Imgur and write the image markdown yourself. No need to worry about if the image URL you’re using is going to stop working tomorrow. Simply upload them to Dynalist! Dynalist Pro comes with 1 GB space each month.

Here’s how to use it:

Paste or drop the image to upload