Adding colors to your list: color labels

Many of you visual thinkers have been asking us to add colors to Dynalist, and now here it is!

It’s really simple to use: open the item menu and click on the color you want. Click on the same color to remove it.

Even faster, you can use Ctrl+Shift+1~6 to apply color labels. Ctrl+Shift+` (grave accent) will remove the color.

As usual, with Dynalist Pro you can customize these shortcuts to your liking.

We plan to offer customization of the colors sometime in the future. If you need that really badly though, do let us know.

Enjoy the colors and we wish you a happy and colorful New Year! 🙂

  • Nope.jpeg

    Can’t wait to see what clever things people come up with.

    • Rainbow, probably 🙂

      • Nope.jpeg

        Is it possible to make the colors darker for dark theme users?

        • Not right now. We plan to make colors customizable in the near future, and we don’t want to make them look different in different themes, which may be surprising.

          • Nope.jpeg

            Ok. The key thing is that they’re just a bit too bright for the dark theme, but I don’t want to ruin the colors for those who use other themes, of course.

  • davegifford

    woo hoo! cool.

    • Nice to hear from you, Dave 🙂

  • Mark Eichenlaub

    Thanks! This will help me even more if I can associate the color with a tag, and auto-color based on tags. (I know that it’s possible to turn on a background color for tags, but I mean that either different tags would have different colors, or the entire item would be colored based on the tags it has.)

    • That seems like an overlap between color labels and this feature:

      Maybe you don’t want to color such a large area for a tag? It also makes handling color tricky if you have multiple tags on the same item.

      • Mark Eichenlaub

        Yup – that feature would be fantastic!

      • Kendra Vorenkamp

        I was hoping to see this feature as well. Is this being implemented?

        • Hi Kendra, unfortunately we have lots of other things on the plate right now and this is not being implemented at the time.

          If you want to see it, please make sure to vote for it on the roadmap! Thanks.

    • saymwah

      I just posted above a request like this–maybe it could be a kind of implicit tag so that you could search for it and export it.

  • saymwah

    This is awesome and very nicely implemented, well done. Love it!
    I rely a lot on color-coding my outlines, so this is very important to me.
    Here’s a weird request: Since the colors function as a kind of tag, is it possible to keep that information (e.g. as #orange or :orange: or #2) for text export?

    • The color label is already exported in the OPML format and you can copy and paste things within Dynalist without losing the color details.

      Is that what you’re asking about?

      As for search, it will come very soon, we promise 🙂

      • saymwah

        I did see that it shows up in OPML/HTML, but that’s not useful if you’re exporting as text to paste into something besides Dynalist. Even apps that accept OPML won’t understand the color codes, although I haven’t tried this.

        Ideally exporting a color would be a customizable tag of some sort, like “orange” exports as :question: (or nothing if you don’t want that), but mostly it’s too bad to just lose the color information altogether unless you do something redundant like add a tag #orange as well.

        • Maybe we can add a background color for the formatted (HTML) format, but we don’t want to assume that the user wants to add a text tag for it, essentially modifying content.

          It can be useful but could also be counterproductive if say, I’m pasting to my blog and colors are only there for me to see.

  • kpitonak

    That’s some beautiful feature. Love it!

  • Clifford Maxwell

    I’m not seeing this feature on the desktop app for mac – when will that be available?

    • In that case you need to restart the app to update for the newest version.