iOS app is here

Woohoo, the Dynalist iOS app is finally here!

With the iOS app, you can view and edit everything on the go, even when you don’t have internet connection.

This is just a beginning, and we look forward to adding lots of mobile specific enhancements in the future. Help us improve by sending us feedback on how Dynalist can make you more productive on the go!

Finally, special thanks to our 100+ closed beta testers. Thanks for testing it out and providing early feedback!

  • Francisco

    Big achievement!
    Offline support is a great thing.

  • Mr.Rock

    I’m Japanese user.
    I installed iOS App then I can login by my account, but App does not load my data.

    It try to load my data but it freeze up in the middle.
    Finally, the app terminate abnormally.

    Is this application compatible with Japanese?
    Or, do I have too much topic for mobile app ?

    I use iPhone7 and version 10.2.1

    The same phenomenon also occurs in the Android application
    Android version is 5.0

    Please let me know why this happen.

    • Hi there,

      We recently handled a similar case, and it was caused by a special character. Which version of the apps are you using for iOS and Android? And could we get permission to take a look at your account (we don’t understand Japanese anyway) and see if we can find the issue?

      • Mr.Rock

        Thank you for you prompt reply.

        I have already uninstalled Android app, so I can’t tell you the version of the app.

        iOS app does not work , so I can’t check the version , but I think that it is newest because I installed it 4 hours ago.

        I don’t want to show my account.

        If the cause of this problem is some special characters , please let me know them.

        I will check by myself.

        • It’s an invisible character called the Line Separator, and you can’t tell if it’s there just by looking, which is why we offered to help you with your account.

          If you want to check it by yourself, here’s more information about this character:

          • Haisong Dong

            Glad the iOS app is finally here!

            I know you guys are trying to help. But, just saying, it doesn’t sound very professional to ask the credentials of user’s account directly.

          • Hi Haisong,

            Thanks for the reply! I think there’s some misunderstanding:

            First, we’re not trying to ask for the user’s password. We can access the account without a password, but ONLY when the user authorize us. This is how professional customer support offers help, since there are some things that you just can’t fix yourself. If the user declines, we’ll never insist on accessing the account. I hope that makes sense.

            Secondly, if you read the replies, it’s about getting rid of an invisible character that requires special knowledge and software, which is why we suggested helping directly, since that would be faster.

            I understand it’s better if we solve the issue with the user privately, and that’s what we’ll do next time, even though this user reached out to us on blog comments, which is not intended to be used for getting customer support. We just want to be transparent here, since there’s nothing we want to hide about this process.

            Thanks for pointing out your concern! Others might have the same concern as you when reading our comment above, and I’m glad we can clarify it.

          • Haisong Dong

            That makes a lot of sense now and thank you for make it clear!

          • Thanks for understanding! 🙂

          • Mr.Rock

            Dear Haisong

            Thank you for your advise.

            Anyway, I was able to use iOS APP.
            Please read upper post to know how to solve this problem.

          • Mr.Rock

            Thank you for your information.

            I checked the existence of ”Line Separator” in my data by myself,but there are no ”Line Separator”.

            However I solved this problem by myself.

            I have 3 files; ”Main File”, “Test File” , “Getting started with Dynalist” and a Empty Folder which I have not used for a long time.
            I deleted ”Test File” and the Folder.
            Then I started up iOS APP again and the App loaded my data.

            The cause of my problem is the Empty Folder ?

            Anyway, it’s good that I can use the APP.
            Thank you for your support.

          • Possibly, we can’t say for sure since there’re so many variables, your phone might be low on memory back then.

            In any case, so happy you can use the app now!

  • Rainer Kruschwitz

    Can’t wait to try it. Unfortunately, the app asks me to complete a captcha when trying to login – but I can’t see it…

    • Hi Rainer,

      So sorry to hear this and sorry for the late response! Are you able to log in now? The captcha should clear itself in 30 minutes.

      We’ll fix the captcha problem in the next version, sorry again!

      • Rainer Kruschwitz

        Thanks! No problem. I tried it later and it worked.

  • liukun

    Is it possible to paste password? I could not scroll login page in iOS app and did not want to type that long generated random password.
    Changed password then…

  • jack

    Was very much looking forward to this! However it does not work for me. When I log in it just freezes on the loading page. I have an iphone 6. I also just updated my ios, but that made no difference. Looking forward to the fix:)

    • Hi Jack,

      As mentioned in our week 26 update, we’re looking into this right now! Thanks for letting us know.

  • Andy Sweetman

    Hi, I was really pleased to see this released – great job 🙂

    I was hoping to use Dynalist on my iPad with a bluetooth keyboard and it’s a shame that they keyboard shortcuts do not work as they do on the desktop.

    For example, I want to be able to indent using the Tab key on the keyboard.

    If you had full support for keyboards in iOS I would be over the moon 🙂


    • Hi Andy!

      Thank you a lot for the comment!

      This happens because the iOS system intercepts the Tab key press, and so to the Dynalist app, it’s like nothing has happened.

      We’re looking into the problem and see if we can find a workaround hack to solve it. But it’s a pretty technical problem so we can’t guarantee anything. We’ll try our best! 🙂

      • Andy Sweetman

        I appreciate it – don’t forget that any intuitive set of keyboard shortcuts will be better than none, I’m not wedded to the idea of the tab key performing indenting – a suitable alternative would work, like cmd+arrow keys 🙂

        • Ah, that’s a wonderful idea before tackling the much harder problem of making Tab and Shift+Tab work. Thanks a lot for this idea!

  • Masato Kakinoki

    Fantastic! Thanks a lot.
    You cannot imagine my excitement when I googled ‘dynalist ipad’ and this official announcement appeared magically.
    Looking forward to the shortcut to indent an item.

    With best wishes,

    • Sorry for the late reply! Yes, we very much look forward to that too 🙂