Read mode on mobile

We know it’s annoying to have your keyboard pop up all the time on mobile when you just want to quickly check something. Not only does it slow down things and distract you, it’s also very annoying.

Now we have the solution—read mode for mobile! It’s easy to use: by tapping the little book icon at the top, it’s activated. When you want to exit the read mode, simply tap the pencil icon. In the read mode, you can zoom, collapse, expand, check checkboxes; the keyboard will never pop up to bother you.

Read mode for mobile

  • davegifford

    I hadn’t really tried Dynalist in my phone before, but I see that this is a nice addition for mobile. Way to go!

  • davebrny

    you read my mind! ive been using dynalist on my phone a lot more lately and ive been thinking something like this would be good for the times you just want to read through things.

    great work as usual, thanks

    • We read your mind so you can read better on mobile 😉

      Thanks Dave!

      • davebrny


  • 方升


  • Morgan Newall

    Nice addition! So this is for the mobile site right?
    Any progress/timeline for iOS app? (only reason I’m still with WF, use more than >80% of time on phone)

    • Hi Morgan,

      Yes, it’s for the mobile site only right now.

      Can’t say for sure, but it’s only top priority right now, alone with the Android app. Android closed beta has begun, and the iOS one won’t be that far. Can’t say when the official release will happen though.

      You can sign up for the iOS closed beta if you’d like; that’d allow you to try it out sooner.

  • danwa

    My name isn’t Dave but I like it too. Thanks for making Dynamist better and better!

    • Thanks “Dave”, it’s actually “Dynalist” and not “Dynamist” 😉

      • davegifford

        Dynamist sounds like a diet pop