Easily moving items anywhere

Another heavily requested feature is here: moving items anywhere!

When editing an item, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M (customizable) to invoke this popup to move the current item. It also works for multiple items.

If you’re not a fan of shortcuts, you can also find the “Move to…” option in the item menu.

Hope you guys like it. Cheers!

  • Nope.jpeg

    I’ve never thought of needing this, but I guess it’ll help me avoid getting distracted when I need to jot down something in another document. Thank you!

    • davebrny

      thats a good idea

  • tomcal

    This is great. One question – is it possible to move a top level item? I keep a template in My Files. I make a copy. The copy is directly under the template. I’d like to move that copy to my daily log. It seems that I can move the sub items one at a time but not the whole list at once. It would also be great to be able to “Copy to” in addition to “Move to”. Thoughts?

    • Well the top level item is just a document, so you should move it the document way, which is the drag and drop it in the left pane.

      I guess it’d be convenient to add the exact same functionality for documents though.

  • Ken Blackman

    I really love this new feature. A huge convenience and time-saver for what used to be a cumbersome action.
    One useful addition that comes to mind is to have an option in settings to add moved items to either the first or last place in the destination list.

    • Hi Ken,

      Yes, we do plan to make recent destinations more accessible. This will likely be a Pro-only feature though 🙂

      • Ken Blackman

        Just to make sure my comment was understood…
        Moved items are appended to the bottom of the list. i’m proposing that inserting them at the top of the list should be an option, in Settings.

        • Ok, I guess I totally misunderstood it the first time around. We’ll keep an eye for similar requests, but I think being the last is the most logical default because of the chronological order.

        • 6abc

          Yes, I also prefer an option to add to the top of lists. I usually add new items to the top of my lists so that I can see the newest things at the top as soon as I expand a level.

  • Brian Rossiter

    This is awesome! The Dynalist team is awesome! 🙂

  • Paulo Camilo

    Impressive. Thank you so much.

    But wishing that beautiful day when we can integrate with GCal. We’ll can. I believe (in you).

    Just continue this wonderful work.

  • Khuyen Bui

    YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME! I love this.

  • hoel

    这个功能太棒了,Very good!付费很值!

  • This font is not available in the settings, is it?

    • Hi it’s available! It’s called “Consolas” and it’s the only monospace font right now. We love it 🙂

  • skunkwerk

    Love this! Awesome news

  • davebrny

    great work as usual. i look forward to something like this being implemented into a browser extension some day