Ever wanted to sort things in Dynalist? Now it’s possible!

To use: choose one or more items and select the sort key and order. If only one item is chosen, its children will be sorted. If multiple items are chosen, they themselves will be sorted and their children will not be affected.

Sorting is available right now on the web app.

Yes, it’s coming to the desktop apps very soon. No, we’re not sure when it will be available on the mobile apps. No, it’s not a Pro feature. And yes, we will consider adding shortcuts for these commands for you power users. Leave a comment for any other question you might have!

  • Thank you. It’s great to have the option to sort by edited date as well as title.

    • Morgan B Newall

      Yeah this too!

  • Subhinay

    Thank you.

  • Morgan B Newall

    Oh this is great news! Thanks Erica!

  • davegifford

    Very cool!

  • WayneLin


  • 阡陌


  • Brian Rossiter

    Thank you, Dynalist team! 🙂

  • Rob Saunders

    AND it sorts by DATE if the date field is the first thing on the line! SO awesome.
    Thank you.