All your tags in one place: tag pane

Are you still managing tags at the top of your document by hand? Put an end to that grunt work with our newest Pro feature: tag pane!

Tag pane

In the tag pane, the list of tags in the current document and in all documents are displayed and dynamically updated. Clicking on each tag will initiate a search for that tag.

The tags are ordered by frequency, and the number of occurrences is noted in parenthesis right after the tag.

The future plans for tag pane includes (1) making the “Document tags” and “All tags” expandable and (2) adding more sorting options. Feel free to send us a feedback or leave a comment below if you’ve got ideas on how to make it more useful!

  • Nope.jpeg

    Thanks for making a separate post for it!

  • Brilliant, thanks. This also helps have a more disciplined tag system. But is it possible to filter out tags that are not visible in the document (in completed items)? Also it would be great to have a hot key for this, as with documents and bookmarks.

    • Carl Donaldson

      +1 for this feature please. I use @action and not showing completed actions in the tag view would be really useful for me. Thanks

  • davegifford


  • wotou

    Could we organize tags like that in the Evernote?

    • Hi, can you be a little more specific how exactly are tags organized in Evernote?

      • wotou

        Here is a GTD tag hierarchy sample in Evernote. The tags in evernote could be nested, which help me organize the tags in any way I like.

        • Ah, I see. Similar to bookmarks, tags cannot be managed with folders right now, but it’s likely that we’ll add that in the future!

          • wotou

            That will be fantastic! Thank you for your excellent product!

        • I had my Evernote setup similar to yours, but I prefixed each of my tags so I could easily hit +, 0-9, =, and ? to get a list of tags in the category (I used the period exactly the way you use it).

          In Dynalist I use documents as the Where/Context, colours as the When/Priority, hash-tags as the What/Project, and at-tags as the Who.

          So what I would really like to see is a distinction between hash-tags and at-tags. Put them in separate lists, and let me rename those lists.

          • If sorted alphabetically, hash-tags and at-tags are easy to distinguish. Do you mean something more built-in than that?

          • Yes.

            And make it all configurable of course!

            Option to merge or separate the list of hash-tags and at-tags.

            Options to give custom name the list(s).

            Personally I would have two lists; name the hash-tag list “Projects” and the at-tag list “People”.

            This way I could collapse the hash-tag list when I’m looking for People; and vice-versa.


    • Mark VanOuse

      Great idea, woutou!

  • tomcal

    That’s a beautiful thing right there!

  • Dean Morrison


  • Alex Chan


  • Jean-Francois Joly

    You guys rock!!

  • Adrian Cristinoiu

    Omigosh my fantasy features are sure enough bit by bit becoming a reality! You guys may be young but you are a beacon and example to other developers of how to make steady progress towards useful features people want. Love you!!!

  • Jean-François Herz

    It would be great if the tag pane could also show the tags of the displayed page.

    • I’m guessing you’re using one big document?

      • Jean-François Herz

        Exactly, I am coming from Workflowy

        • Jean-François Herz

          Is this part of your plan ? Or alternatively, as with workflowy, in the search field, when you type # for instance, you can see all tags beginning with # of the displayed page.

          • > Or alternatively, as with workflowy, in the search field, when you type # for instance, you can see all tags beginning with # of the displayed page.

            You can already do that, right?

          • Jean-François Herz

            Not exactly. When you type # in Workflowy’s search field, you can directly see (in this field) the tags present in the displayed page.

          • Sorry for the very late reply.

            I understand what you mean now, you’d like to have tag auto-completion in the search field. Since this is a comment under the tag pane blog post, I mistakenly thought you meant something related to the tag pane. Sorry about that.

            Yes, it’ll definitely be very nice to have tag autocompletion in the search bar. We have that in our plans.

          • Jean-François Herz

            Thanks for your reply. Regarding the tag pane, do you plan to show the tags of only the displayed page (not the whole document) ?

          • No immediate plan, but we’ll keep that in mind! 🙂

            Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Mark VanOuse

    Dynalist keeps getting more amazing, helpful features, like this one. Thanks for your hard work and ingenuity to bring this about! I like the ideas you have shared about the Tag panel’s future development. Each of those would be very helpful.

    An idea: the ability to “houseclean” tags: delete tags or rename tags. When I first started using a product similar to Dynalist (before graduating to Dynalist!), I went tag crazy. I’ve learned since that less is more. Unfortunately, all those old useless tags show up now in the Tag pane….

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, that’s part of the longer term plan. Sorry for not including it in the blog post!

  • sash

    great to have feature. love the steady and useful updates. housecleaning of tags as suggested below would be added bonus.

  • hoel


    • hoel

      好像还不能在tag pane修改tag

      • 暂时不能,将来有这个计划!

  • Thymaro

    how did you know this was something I wanted, when even I didn’t know?

  • I’m new to Dynalist (migrated from workflowy), but I’m loving it so far. I’m also loving how proactive you are in the development of this product-regularly adding new features & listening to your customers!

  • Elizabeth Carter

    I would like the option to sort tags alphabetically instead of by occurrence

    (scratch this comment, I just realized there is already that option…. whoops)

    • Was about to say that, good thing you found out already! 🙂