Year in review 2016 + 50% off sale

2016 flew by pretty fast. Looking back, we did do a bunch of things though.

Major product changes include:

  • Search everywhere
  • Tag autocomplete
  • Bookmarks
  • File upload (image upload came first)
  • Internal links
  • Toggle visibility of note
  • Numbered list
  • Date support
  • Sepia theme
  • Desktop apps (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Read mode on mobile
  • Android app enters closed beta

Major non-product changes include:

  • Referral program
  • Help center
  • Community forum

All this plus god-knows-how-many minor improvements and fixes. Oh, and 30 weekly updates (we started doing that mid-year).

But seriously, we couldn’t have possibly done this without you guys. You guys are the ones who actually use Dynalist every day and send us feedback. We use Dynalist for everything ourselves too, but we alone could never accomplish the things above.

Thank you guys for the criticism, the motivational notes, and theĀ elaborate suggestions. We love you guys!

As a gift from us, we’re offering a 50% discount off Dynalist Pro until January 5, 2017. Use the code XMAS16 when checking out or go here.

Now that it’s almost 2017, we want to keep you in the loop about what to look forward to in the new year. Big direction wise, we’re focusing on these four (in order of importance):

  1. Mobile. This includes releasing the mobile apps, bridging the functionality gap between desktop and mobile, and adding mobile-specific enhancements.
  2. Collaboration. This includes things like true real-time collaboration, comments, and revision history. Whatever that makes Dynalist work better for teams.
  3. Automation. API and possible integrations.
  4. Capture. This includes adding items by sending in emails, browser clipper extension, and possibly a widget for the Android app.

Of course, our priorities are always changing, but at least this is where we see things are going right now. We hope to still have you around in the new year!

  • danwa

    If all you did in 2017 was do a great job on mobile I would be very happy. Better a few things great than more things not so great. Just my 2c.

    Congrats on all you accomplished this year, and for keeping us all so informed and involved.

    And happy holidays Erica!

    • Thank you! We’ll try our hardest šŸ™‚

  • Odysseus Ithacan

    The problem for me is that none of the AppStore for Apple devices is native: the UX feels foreign

    • What do you mean by “none of the AppStore for Apple devices is native”?