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Scheduled migration on 2019/6/1

Update: migration is smooth; it took us 90 minutes less than predicted. Dynalist is now also quite a bit faster! 🙂

Hi folks,

Because of the downtime we had last week (see the postmortem post for details), we will migrate to a new dedicated server. This will require some downtime for the migration.

The migration will take place from 8 PM on 2019/6/1 to 1 AM on 2019/6/2 EDT. We have chosen this time period in order to affect the least amount of users; we’re really sorry if you’re going to access Dynalist at that time.

During the downtime, you will not be able to load the Dynalist web app nor access our web pages. If you’re using the desktop app or the mobile app, changes will be only be saved locally. Once the new server is up and running, the unsynced changes will be synced to our server.

If you want to be able to work on your Dynalist documents during the downtime, please download our desktop app or mobile app in advance. Thanks!

March update: new mind map view (not a joke!)

Hi folks,

Last month we’ve been working on refreshing the mind map view (a Dynalist Pro feature).

The prototype has been there all the time (look at this jumpy screenshot from three years ago!). This time around, we made a bunch of improvements:

  • The nodes no longer jump around
  • Markdown and links are properly rendered
  • Zoom in and out with your mouse wheel to see the big picture
  • Breadcrumb on the top
  • Go back and forward in browser history
  • Mind map view is encoded in the URL

How to use

You can open the mind map view from here (Pro account required):

And voilà! You have a mind map version of your document!

If you need some Dynalist Pro trial time to give it a try, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at We’re happy to help!

Next steps

There are lots of improvements we’d like to bring to the mind map view.

To list a few of them:

  • [Done] Make it use the font you choose in settings
  • [Done] Switching document while in the mind map view doesn’t work yet
  • Make items in mind map editable
  • Display color labels and headings (coming soon!)

It’s an experiment, after all, it’s by no means a standard outliner feature. So whether we would continue to develop things on this list would depend on how the mind map view is received.

That means, if you have any feedback or ideas on how to make the mind map view more useful, feel free to let us know! Thanks so much 🙂

December update + 2018 year in review

Happy New Year y’all!

The big news from December is that we released the new recurring date Pro feature (read about it here). It’s always been one of the most requested features since the introduction of dates, and we’re glad to have it ready before 2019.

Now that 2018 has passed, we thought it’s a good time to review what we did last year:

In 2019, collaboration and extensibility will be our two biggest themes. We want Dynalist to work better for teams, and we want it to work better for power users, who are improving themselves and changing the world. We’ll also be improving the mobile experience.

We hope you continue to enjoy Dynalist and recommend it to your friends. If you ever need anything, you can reach us by dropping us a line or post in the forum.

Recurring dates

Finally you can set recurring dates in Dynalist!

Note: this feature is Pro-only.

Recurring dates makes managing repeating tasks easy. When checking off a recurring date, the next occurrence will be automatically generated. You also have the option to update the existing item rather than creating a new one.

In addition to the commonly used daily and weekly tasks, you can also define your custom recurring tasks. You can even specify certain days in a week.

For a complete guide on how to use recurring dates, click here.

This has been one of the most requested features for a long time, and we’re grateful for your patience. Enjoy!

P.S. This is not the final version and we’ll iterate on it. So don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback! If you’re interested in trying it out, just drop us a line to request some free Pro trial.


Ever wanted to sort things in Dynalist? Now it’s possible!

To use: choose one or more items and select the sort key and order. If only one item is chosen, its children will be sorted. If multiple items are chosen, they themselves will be sorted and their children will not be affected.

Sorting is available right now on the web app.

Yes, it’s coming to the desktop apps very soon. No, we’re not sure when it will be available on the mobile apps. No, it’s not a Pro feature. And yes, we will consider adding shortcuts for these commands for you power users. Leave a comment for any other question you might have!

Jump to any item: item finder

With Dynalist’s file finder, you can already jump to documents and bookmarks pretty painlessly.

Wanna see something cooler? Here’s our latest Pro feature: now you can jump to any item!

It’s exactly like how the file finder works. You search for the item, navigate the results if necessary, and press Enter. Voilà! You’re there.

The shortcut to invoke item finder is Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+O, which you can customize.

Note: This is a Dynalist Pro feature.

P.S. Since there are way more items than documents and bookmarks, you might run into some funky search results. If that happens, please let us know on the forum so we can tweak the search algorithm. Thanks in advance!

Year in review 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! We can’t believe it’s 2018 already!

2017 flew by pretty fast and below is what we added to Dynalist during 2017:

In 2018, we want to focus on:

  1. Making the Dynalist experience more seamless. That means you should be to gather information into Dynalist more easily, shuffle and rearrange items more easily, and export to more formats and third-party apps.
  2. Ironing out small issues here and there to make Dynalist smoother.
  3. Making Dynalist more extensible so that people can develop for specialized use cases on top of Dynalist.

End of year 50% off sale

Happy holidays! 2017 has been an awesome year, and we’re grateful to have you guys around.

To celebrate, Dynalist Pro is now 50% off with the code XMAS17. The code is valid until 11:59 PM EST on January 4, 2018 (2018-01-05 04:59 UTC).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this discount stack with the early bird pricing, for those who subscribed to Dynalist Pro before July 15, 2017?
Yes, these two discounts stack.

Does this discount stack with the student discount?
Unfortunately, this discount does not stack with the student discount.

Can I take advantage of this sale if I’m already a subscriber?
Yes, you can unsubscribe from your current plan first, and then subscribe again with the XMAS17 code. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of the remaining Dynalist Pro by unsubscribing.

Is this discount one time only or lifetime?
This discount is one-time only, and the renewal price will be back to normal once your discounted Dynalist Pro expires.

Is there any restrictions on this discount?
Each account can use this count once to get 50% off either 1 month or 1 year of Dynalist.

If I still have Dynalist Pro left and subscribe with the promo code, when will I get charged?
Since this is a limited-time offer, you will be charged immediately rather than when your current Dynalist Pro expires. Say if your Dynalist Pro expires in April 2018, after subscribing to the yearly plan with the promo code, you get charged right away and your Dynalist Pro gets extend to April 2019.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

PSA: line break issue fixed

Note: if you do not use line breaks in items or notes, this change will not affect you.

Have you ever hit return and found it not working? Upon hitting Enter again it works. You might suspect it’s something wrong with your Enter key, but the culprit is actually the browser.

Basically, when you pressed Enter the first time, it worked, but the browser decides that it should hide the last line break, if there’s no text following the line break. This has caused a host of bugs in Dynalist.

We’re fixing it today by automatically appending an invisible line break (hidden by the browser) at the end of each item and note, so that the line breaks that you make will always be visible.

The consequence is that for all the text that you’ve entered line breaks in, there will be an extra line break at the end of the text.

To fix this, we’ve temporary added a new option to each document called “Clean up newlines”. It will remove all the extra trailing newlines in this document, for both the items and the notes.

This option will be available for a month, so clean up your line breaks now before the new year comes! 😊

Feel free to let us know in the comments or via feedback if you have any questions or concerns about this.