API (beta)

Finally, Dynalist has an API, and it’s possible for developers to pull data from and make changes to their Dynalist.

Our beta API is documented in the API documentation, and you can get a key from our developer portal (login required).

Developers: let us know if you have any feedback on the API, or run into any issues working with it. Thanks in advance!

  • Z3stra

    HYPE 🎉🎉

  • davegifford

    Not being a developer, I am curious what kinds of use cases this API would be for.

  • nyrulez1

    The API is a very useful step to build apps over Dynalist. But you mention that secret key cannot be shared with others – how can a developer build an app on top of Dynalist for others to use ? This greatly limits the use of this API.

    • George Francis

      Secret keys are normal for all APIs, it doesn’t limit anything. They’re basically telling users not to share their passwords with strangers.

    • Hi, George here is correct — you can write code and share it, with the secret key being blank. The user of the code can then fill it in.

      It’s true that we don’t have platform for building apps like Dropbox or Slack does, but it technically won’t limit anything. Just want to make sure you don’t share you secret key as others can access your Dynalist data with it.

      • nyrulez1

        I don’t understand. For example, with the gmail API, I can use apps like https://www.dragapp.com/ to add additional functional on top of Gmail. I don’t need to access dragapp’s code, just provide authorization to my gmail account.

        Let’s say I wanted to build a nice tiled view of Dynalist notes or a learning app on top of Dynalist and wanted to offer it to anyone who uses Dynalist. How can anyone who is not acquainted with code use that app as an end user?

  • Brian

    This is aweesome! I am looking forward to integrating this with Anki!