Dynalist & Obsidian

Hi Dynalisters!

As many of you have heard, for the past few months we have been working on the side on a new thing called Obsidian. Obsidian public beta was launched two days ago, and we figure we should let you guys know about it too.

Obsidian is quite different from Dynalist, as it’s a knowledge base that’s works on top of a local folder of Markdown files. It’s also not an outliner (as in you can’t zoom, expand, or collapse). The use case of Obsidian is more about deliberately writing down and revisiting notes, more than quick and friction-less brainstorming and capturing. Obsidian values connections more, whereas Dynalist values structures more.

If you’re interested in Obsidian, feel free to check it out! Its use case does overlap with Dynalist a bit, but not much, and we’ve heard many people having successes with using both for different purposes. As for Dynalist, we will develop and maintain it as usual; we don’t expect much to change.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us via either our forum or the email!