May update

Hi Dynalisters, here’s our May update:


  • Now you have more control over how your lists look when you share a link with others! To do that, tweak the options in the sharing dialog below the link.
    Please note that these options will change the link, and is non-sticky. This is so that you can share the same document with different looks and configurations.
    If you leave everything to default, the generated link will point to a fully expanded version of the document, with default light theme, and with images not displayed inline (you need to hover your mouse over it to see the image).


  • [Bookmarks] Added custom shortcut to toggle bookmark current item or search.


  • [Search] Adjusted weight for items that are in the same document (we moved them up) and that are checked off (we moved them down).
  • [Word count] Fixed word count not updating after incoming changes from other devices.
  • [UX] Fixed weird issue where Google Chrome password manager would prompt you to fill in your email when using Node Mover.