April update

Hi folks, welcome to our April update!


  • Word count. You can now see word count in the bottom bar! It will show the number of words and items in your current zoomed in item.
    If you write your outline in your items and the actual content in the note fields, you may find our separate word counts for “in item” and “in note” helpful.
  • Per-document RTL setting. We learned that many RTL language users actually have documents in both English and the RTL language, so we added a way to override text direction on a per-document basis.


  • [Drag and drop] You can now drag an item into a document in the file pane to quickly move it to the end of the document! The landing position is consistent with the “Move item to” option under Settings – Preferences – Advanced settings, so you can also choose to move it to the start of the document.
  • [UI] Auto-detect dark theme. If you’re on the default theme setting, and your system is set to dark mode, the dark theme will be used. You can choose to always use Light or Dark theme by overriding it in Settings – Preferences – Appearance – Theme. The theme will change in real-time, so if your computer automatically changes theme at a certain time, Dynalist’s theme will change as well.
  • [Search] Improve fuzzy search accuracy in “Move to…”, internal link suggestion, and item finder. Before, a search query would match fragments of words all across an item.
  • [Stability] Improved server stability by offloading unnecessary attachment processing.
  • [File attachments] File attachments load faster as they’re now cached.


  • [Search] Fixed “has:checkbox” search query also searches in parent; it should only search the current item.
  • [UI] Fixed RTL layout breaks tag pane UI on mobile.
  • [Editor] Fixed backslash escaping characters in undesirable ways. It should only escape characters that are used in Markdown formatting.
  • [Code blocks] fixed trailing newline at end of rendered code blocks.
  • [Item finder] Fixed results being inaccessible when long results push lower results out of the screen.