Weekly update: 2017 week #21

This is our weekly update for the 21st week of 2017. The features and fixes might arrive at the desktop and mobile app a few days later than the web version.


  • [UX] Now Dynalist remembers scroll position when you come back to a document. Hooray!

P.S. We’re back from the semi-vacation!
P.P.S. We just realized we’ve been doing these weekly updates for exactly one year now!

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    Haha, now that’s an update that’s worth it’s own post (although I understand that you guys were on semi-vacation).

    Happy blogging anniversary! I guess committing to Dynalist publicly helps with staying on task.

  • Luiz Rocha


  • etmoore

    Welcome back from your semi-vacation! You guys deserved it!

  • Wilmen Javier Martinez

    Hi team,it is working when jumping between documents, but still not working inside the same document, I mean, if I opened a bullet point and go back to the previous page (within the same document), the scroll position goes to the first point in the list.Could you please check it out?

    • Hi Wilmen,

      I can verify what you said. This update only saves one scroll position per document when you leave that document. In future updates we will make it possible to save scroll position for each zoom level.

    • Update: remembering scroll position for each zoom level should work now. (only on the web version though)

  • Welcome back. I cannot wait to see whats next.

  • Mark VanOuse

    Welcome back… and thanks for this enhancement and also for taking the time to do these weekly updates! At the time that I was using a competing product (and frustrated with their poor development progress) and was considering my options, these updates were one of the top reasons I chose Dynalist. As I looked through the updates and saw the robust development progress of Dynalist it proved to me that Dynalist is a healthy, growing product! I am so glad I chose Dynalist!