Weekly update: 2017 week #22

This is our weekly update for the 22nd week of 2017. The features and fixes might arrive at the desktop and mobile app a few days later than the web version.


  • We’re working to pass the App Store review on the iOS app. There are some issues with the app that we need to quickly touch-up. Stay tuned though!


  • Now you can use the “\” character to escape Markdown characters such as “`” (backtick) or “_” (underscore).


  • Further remembering scroll position improvements. Namely, the jump is now instant rather than slightly delayed. Also, in addition to remember scroll position for each document, Dynalist now remembers for each zoom level as well.
  • [Upload manager] Now files in upload manager are sorted newest to oldest, and the uploaded time is displayed as well.
  • [Minor] Now on the desktop app, the filename of the PDF file has a default filename with “.pdf” extension. Before, the filename is empty.
  • [Minor] Changed menu option text from “Make numbered list” to “Number children” and from “Unmake numbered list” to “Stop numbering children”, to make things more clear (this option confuses lots of people). Thanks to┬áJerud’s suggestion!


  • [UI/minor] Fixed pressing Up/Down when item or note has multiple lines sometimes skips to the previous or next item directly.
  • [Public doc] Fixed links to another public document doesn’t work inside a public document.
  • [Read only doc] Fixed the position of the “lock” icon in front of the title of a read-only document.