Weekly update: 2017 week #35

This is our weekly update for the 35th week of 2017. The features and fixes might arrive at the desktop and mobile app a few days later than the web version.


  • [Inbox] Added option to capture to the top of the inbox item rather than the bottom. This option can be found in Settings – Preferences – Your inbox.
  • [Infrastructure] As mentioned in our postmortem, we’ve optimized database indices to make a particularly slow query run much faster to reduce risk for downtime in the future.


  • [Sync] Fixed some client sync issues that were related to the downtime last week. We also added warning when sync fails and edited the “make backup” explanation to be clearer to avoid accidental data loss.
  • [Copy/paste] Fixed links sometimes not properly converted to Markdown when pasted into Dynalist.
  • [Referral] We’ve set referral pages to be not indexable by the search engines to prevent referral abuse, after discovering that a referral link appeared as the top result for “dynolist” on Google.
  • [Inbox] Fixed cursor position not being restored after capturing to inbox.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed cannot view created date when hovering the bullet point on desktop app (will be released in the next desktop version).