Weekly update: 2016 week #24

As usual, here’s what’s new with Dynalist last week:

Bug fixes

  • The shortcut for “Search everywhere” (Ctrl+Enter) wasn’t working on the mobile view (or when your browser window is really narrow on desktop. Now it works.
  • When you choose to hide checked items, it means that you don’t want to see them. However, these checked items used to still show up in “Search everywhere”. Now this is fixed.
  • Dynalist had another bug with “Search everywhere”: sometimes after you’ve made a checklist, it doesn’t show up as a checklist in the “Search everywhere” results. That’s fixed now!


  • Now note gets exported in plain text and formatted. Yay!
  • Adding to the previous improvement, numbered lists also get exported now.
  • We added shortcuts for toggling checked items and toggling note. It’s Alt+C and Alt+N, respectively. You should be able to tell which shortcut is for which! 🙂
  • For those of you who don’t like to leave your keyboard, switching to another document was pretty annoying. You have to click somewhere to make the cursor show up. Now it automatically appears at the end of the first item.
  • We’ve decided to change the default font to Whitney (it used to be Roboto). The Roboto we use (it’s Roboto Light actually) is pretty thin and a little hard to read. The default document alignment is changed to center alignment. If you would prefer the old defaults, you can change them back in Settings.
  • Now in the note hidden view, when you put your mouse over the “…”  icon for a second, you can see the note content in the tooltip.


  • Added “Teaser” mode for note. Under this mode, only the first line of the note will be shown. You can try it out by clicking the toggle button that was used for toggling between showing and hiding note. You can also use the handy shortcut (Alt+N) as mentioned above.
  • We posted a V1 spec for the date feature, and we really need your input on this! If you’re interested in this feature, please read the spec here and share your thoughts! Feedback on this would be much, much appreciated.

A little update about offline mode and mobile apps: starting next week, we’ll be spending more time on those things. The backend development for offline mode is wrapping up, so we’ll be spending lots of time preparing for the mobile app.

As you might expect, once we start working on the mobile app, there may be less new stuff in the weekly updates. Please understand if that happens! We’ll certainly fix serious bugs if any comes up, but we’ll be heavily focusing on building the mobile apps as well as date support. We’re not slacking off, just working on bigger things 🙂

Cheers and have a great week y’all!