Weekly update: 2018 week #14

This is our weekly update for the 14th week of 2018. The features and fixes might arrive at the desktop and mobile app a few days later than the web version.


  • [Date format] Now, in the “Date display format” Pro setting, you can use “relative” to always show dates as relative, e.g. “in 18 days” or “3 months ago”. Note, “relative” cannot be mixed with other date formats.
  • [Mac desktop] Show the correct shortcut for the Backward and Forward buttons at the top left corner of the macOS desktop app.
  • [UX] Put “New document” option above the “New folder” option in create file menu and folder right click menu. This way, the more commonly used option is more accessible.
  • [UI] Made Cyrillic characters look nicer under default font settings.


  • [UI/minor] Fixed tag and internal link auto-complete not appearing in the note field of the document root item.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed item content getting pushed to the second line on mobile, if both checkbox and numbering are present for that item.