Weekly update: 2018 week #27

This is our weekly update for the 27th week of 2018. The features and fixes might arrive at the desktop and mobile app a few days later than the web version.


  • Our Dynalist Companion Clipper extension is now available for Firefox! You can get it here.


  • [Export] New option to export to plain text without any indentations. Useful for exporting articles and emails.


  • [UX] Fixed Left Arrow/Right Arrow/Esc not responding at end of a tag.
  • [UX] Fixed document not scrolled to the right position when zooming out.
  • [Keyboard shortcut] Allow using “Ctrl+Enter” as a custom shortcut in custom keymap.
  • [API] Fixed UTF-8 encoding issue with the API.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed file pane tooltip showing through context menus.