May update: flat search and more

Hi All!

As usual, below is our update for May. Sorry for being a little late because of the migration.

New Features

If you often search for things that are several levels deep and find the page crowded by all the items up the chain, the new flat search is here for you.

After entering the keyboard, either click on “Flat search” or use the Shift+Enter shortcut. The result, like Search Everywhere, is read-only. Clicking on the item will lead you there.


  • Tags now auto-complete in Search Everywhere too.
  • We have migrated Dynalist to dedicated servers. Dedicated servers make Dynalist much more reliable. The new servers are also much more performant in every way. As a result, Dynalist now loads faster for most people.
  • Visual improvement for the upload manager.
  • When clicking on a search result bookmark, it will now update the current page even if you’re already on it. Before, nothing will happen and you won’t get the updated search results by clicking on the current bookmark. You had to click something else and come back in order to see the updated search results.


  • Fixed pasting multiple paragraphs doesn’t properly convert formatting into Markdown.
  • Fixed using Ctrl+Shift+V to paste without formatting will paste twice on the desktop app.
  • Fixed items showing up as checked in Move Item and Internal Link suggestions if the document root is accidentally checked off.
  • Fixed zooming out not landing you on the current item.
  • Fixed item bullet tooltip getting cropped out by the file pane.