August update

Hi Dynalisters, below is we’ve been up to in August:


  • We now have a Discord chat server for our community! Come and chat with the community (including us!) about Dynalist and everything else. Join the community: Discord community invite


  • File Finder and Item Finder got more responsive.
  • You can now sign up with your Apple ID on the iOS app.
  • The status bar in Android app is now dark in dark mode.
  • Mobile multi-select now disengages after performing an action.
  • Flat search box is now automatically focused when using Shift+Enter.


  • Fixed “Expand to level” option not working on root item.
  • Fixed mobile multi-select toolbar not working on iOS Safari.
  • Exported HTML file now properly gets with the “text/html” MIME type.
  • Mobile multi-select now properly triggers when previously a text/cursor selection existed.
  • App header is not longer hidden when logged in when embedded in an iframe HTML element.
  • Keyboard no longer pops up when tapping in between two items in Read Mode.
  • Fixed backlink results no rendered according to current document’s view options.