April update


  • Offline option. We’re working on adding an option to disable data synchronization to our server so that you can work on your documents locally.


  • Flat search improvements: breadcrumb is now moved to before the item, and items under the same parent are now grouped.
  • Multi-line code blocks can now specify the language for the highlighter by specifying the language right after the three backticks. The language used to be auto-detected and could be wrong.
  • Adjusted detection margin for drop location to child item.


  • Fixed sync doesn’t start running until after a long delay.
  • Fixed strikethrough, latex, and highlight cannot be escaped using backslash.
  • Fixed sometimes getting out of flat search causes hotkeys to stop working.
  • Fixed root item menu pushed off too far to the left when backlink indicator is showing.


  • Fixed iPad tapping on date picker causes it to disappear.