February update

Hi Dynalisters!

Sorry for the missing updates for the past two months—our dev team has been pretty swamped with Obsidian and personal matters. We’ll try to resume our monthly updates from now on!


  • There are two new custom shortcuts for inserting today’s date and current time respectively. You can find them in Settings – Keymap – Formatting or by search for “current” under Settings – Keymap.


  • Now internal links will be auto-updated and continue to work when you drag and drop or use Item Mover.
  • Now when using relative date format, all day events will show name of the day rather than “X hours ago”.
  • New custom shortcut for activating search and replace on the current selection.
  • When dropping items under a collapsed parent, now the drop location will follow the “Move item to” settings in Settings – Preference – Advanced.


  • Fixed finder input not properly focused on open in Safari.
  • Fixed shortcut to go to inbox not working in flat search.
  • Fixed collapsed state not properly synced in rare cases.
  • Fixed tooltip leaving behind weird lines.
  • Fixed tooltip not working properly when text is too long.