Capture stuff to your inbox!

As promised at the end of 2016, one of our focused areas in 2017 is to make capturing information into Dynalist easier. Now we’ve made the first step towards it: capture to your inbox!

It’s really simple: set an item or a document as your inbox by selecting “Set as inbox” in the menu. Then, invoke the capture screen with Ctrl+Shift+I (I for “inbox”), type your thought, and hit Enter. Voilà! What you just typed will be sent to your inbox item.

The capture feature is Pro-only, but free users can set an inbox location for future capture features too (e.g. a Dynalist clipper/capture browser extension).

We hope you like it!


Footnote 1: The shortcut for invoke the capture screen is customizable under Keymap – General too.

Footnote 2: This feature will come to the desktop apps soon.