Capture stuff to your inbox!

As promised at the end of 2016, one of our focused areas in 2017 is to make capturing information into Dynalist easier. Now we’ve made the first step towards it: capture to your inbox!

It’s really simple: set an item or a document as your inbox by selecting “Set as inbox” in the menu. Then, invoke the capture screen with Ctrl+Shift+I (I for “inbox”), type your thought, and hit Enter. Voilà! What you just typed will be sent to your inbox item.

The capture feature is Pro-only, but free users can set an inbox location for future capture features too (e.g. a Dynalist clipper/capture browser extension).

We hope you like it!


Footnote 1: The shortcut for invoke the capture screen is customizable under Keymap – General too.

Footnote 2: This feature will come to the desktop apps soon.

  • Bobofett

    I’m a pro user but I can’t find the options you describe here anywhere.

    • Are you using the desktop app? It’s only available on web right now, will come to desktop apps soon.

      The screenshot in this tweet might help: (will migrate to this blog post as well)

      • Bobofett

        Was looking in iOS and desktop. I see it’s only on Web version. Look forward to seeing it on iOS as that functionality is something that would allow me to complete MUCH more of my dream workflow on dynalist.

        • We very much look forward to that as well! 😀

  • Mark Goodson

    I’m using Vivaldi as my browser and Ctrl+Shft+I is the keyboard shortcut for “Developer Tools”. So when I use it with Dynalist the inbox function works but it also pops open the developer tools on the right hand half of the page. No harm done, but a bit distracting and then you have to close them again.

  • davegifford

    Neat! This will be especially great for when you get a webclipper, which I know is on your roadmap.

  • Adrian

    OMG OMG OMG!!! You folks so magical! — Adrian


  • Paulo Camilo

    Ah, good, so very good!Please don’t forget to make the same on android!


  • The feature is awesome!!!!

    But having a “Set as Inbox” option in every item’s menu is silly. That real-estate would be better used for actions than configuration. Configuration belongs in the Setup.


    • Yes, I agree. It was done for some technical reason, but we should revise that in the future. Thanks!

  • Morgan B Newall

    Nice one! Is this working in the Android app?

    • Hi Morgan, not yet, it’s on our todo list 🙂

      • Hi there, any progress about Android Inbox (plugin)?

        Did not found in Dynalist Road map, just curious 😉

        ps: Since it takes like 10 seconds until my Dynalist opens, it would be great if plugin could speed up the Inbox input.

        • Hi Marek, thanks for checking in!

          There’s no progress on the Android inbox widget, sorry about that.

  • Vasilis Labridis

    Great stuff 🙂 Please add this on the mobile app (Android). Maybe a persistent notification, or a widget, or a material design plus icon inside the app.

    • Hi Vasilis, thanks for the comment. Persistent notification may be a bit annoying for some people, I think we’ll do either widget or within the app. Thanks!

      • FWIW I make heavy use of persistent notification for Todoist and Evernote. What’s great about it is that I don’t have to go to a specific menu page to get at it. It’s always available right away from anywhere without exiting app etc. Very useful mechanism for quickly capturing something without losing your place. Please consider persistent notifications!

  • etmoore

    I’m delighted to see this feature. Nice work!

  • George Francis

    I would prefer the new item appear at the top of the inbox list rather than the bottom. I have Advanced Setting – Move item to Start of destination item, but the inbox doesn’t follow this setting.

    • Yes, those two will be separate settings, as I can imagine cases where one would need different settings for these two things.

      Rest assured though that we’ll introduce an option dedicated for inbox capturing very soon!

  • JJ

    What do people use this for? Why is this a feature people want? I don’t ‘get it’.

    • Simply put some people want to jot down ideas really quickly, and if they don’t, the thought might just disappear and you’ll try to remember it. For example, while talking to a coworker, he mentions something that you want to write it down but don’t want to interrupt the conversation. If you spend too much time looking for the right place to write it down in your Dynalist, you might have interrupted the conversation…

      That’s just one example, there are other situations that require jotting things down as quick as possible.

      I understand that some people don’t have this need, but as you can see in the comment, many do. Is this bothering you in any way? This feature should be pretty much hidden if you don’t use it.

  • temp_user

    I can’t seem to get this feature to work. I am using a Mac and I’m viewing Dynalist via Chrome. When I press CTRL + SHIFT + I nothing happens. Help!

    • Hi there,

      It’s Cmd-Shift-I on macs, sorry I wasn’t being accurate enough in the post! You also need Pro (free trial works too) to activate it. Those are the two possibilities it’s not working for you right now.