PSA: line break issue fixed

Note: if you do not use line breaks in items or notes, this change will not affect you.

Have you ever hit return and found it not working? Upon hitting Enter again it works. You might suspect it’s something wrong with your Enter key, but the culprit is actually the browser.

Basically, when you pressed Enter the first time, it worked, but the browser decides that it should hide the last line break, if there’s no text following the line break. This has caused a host of bugs in Dynalist.

We’re fixing it today by automatically appending an invisible line break (hidden by the browser) at the end of each item and note, so that the line breaks that you make will always be visible.

The consequence is that for all the text that you’ve entered line breaks in, there will be an extra line break at the end of the text.

To fix this, we’ve temporary added a new option to each document called “Clean up newlines”. It will remove all the extra trailing newlines in this document, for both the items and the notes.

This option will be available for a month, so clean up your line breaks now before the new year comes! 😊

Feel free to let us know in the comments or via feedback if you have any questions or concerns about this.