PSA: shortcut changes

The motivation

As some of you may know, we’ve been wanting to tweak our default shortcuts for some time now. There are three major reasons:

  1. Some shortcuts conflict with typing certain characters in certain keyboard layouts such as French and Polish. Examples: Ctrl+Alt+1 and Ctrl+Alt+3, since Ctrl+Alt is equivalent to AltGr on those keyboard layouts. Our current workaround is to provide an option to choose your keyboard layout, but honestly it sucks because it’s hacky and unintuitive.
  2. Some shortcuts conflict with browser default shortcuts. Example: Ctrl+L is used to go to address bar in Chrome, but in Dynalist it formats text as LaTeX.
  3. Some shortcuts are not usable on Mac. They input a character and is never captured by our system. Example: Alt+C to toggle checked items.

The solution

Our solution is to change all of the problematic shortcuts at once, to avoid having you guys adjust multiple times as we iterate on this, hence this PSA. The following is what going to change:

Removed but still customizable

  1. Toggle checked item visibility (previously Alt+C)
  2. Toggle notes visibility (previously Alt+N)
  3. Insert LaTeX (previously Ctrl+L)
  4. Make heading 1~3 (previously Ctrl+Alt+1~3), clear heading (previously Ctrl+Alt+0)
  5. Make color label 1~6 (previously Ctrl+Shift+1~6), clear color label (previously Ctrl+Shift+Backtick)


  1. Make checklist is changed from Ctrl+Alt+C to Ctrl+Shift+C.
  2. Make numbered list is changed from Ctrl+Alt+N to Ctrl+Shift+X.


  1. Toggle heading, which is Ctrl+Shift+H.
  2. Toggle color label, which is Ctrl+Shift+L.
  3. New shortcut to add strikethrough or mark text as strikethrough. It’s empty and customizable.

Changes can be a bit hard to adjust to at first, and we hope you can bear with us! The existing conflicts have caused much confusion and annoyance, which is why we’re changing them for the better.

Thanks for reading!