New 50% off student discount!

We were students just a while back too, so we totally get it that students sometimes don’t have the money to support their favorite tools, even if they want.

So today we’re announcing our new 50% off student discount!

It’s simple to apply for a student discount: use your school email address to send us an email. If the email you used to sign up is your school email, the in-app feedback option works too.

In the email, include the following:

  1. Name of your school;
  2. Your expected graduation year;
  3. The email you signed up Dynalist with, if it’s not your school email;
  4. (Optional) A few words on how you plan to use Dynalist Pro 🙂

The student discount needs to be renewed every year.

If you have any questions about the student discount, or want to extend your free trial before taking advantage of the discount, just let us know!

P.S. Early bird pricing is stackable with the student discount.

  • Or my GOD

    Dynalist’s subscription unlimited forever?

    • Hi there,

      Not sure what you mean… the subscriptions are either monthly or yearly. The student discount lasts for a year and then you need to renew.

      I hope that helps!

      • suraj baliga

        Is this applicable only to US schools? I am from India and use dynalist for my college , can i be eligible for the discount?

        • Students in schools around the world all qualify. We’ve received applications from lots of countries!

          • suraj baliga

            Yay! You guys are awesome!

  • Francis

    Hello, I would like to apply for a student discount, but the link “send us an email” didn’t work for me. A blank page opened after I clicked that link. So where should I send the email to?

    • That’s a “mailto:” link which should open an email client if you have one. If not, simply email to support (a) Thanks!