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Weekly update: 2017 week #2

The second week of 2017 was mainly a week of catching up:


  • Recently we have been extensively refactoring. Entropy inevitably increases and things get messy, so we need to spend time putting things back to place to shake off some dead weight from time to time, just like how we need to thoroughly clean our house once in a while. This would allow us develop things faster in the future, reduce unpredictable bugs, and sometimes get surprise performance gains.


  • New move item option: you can now choose where to move your item, the beginning or the end of the destination parent. This option is in Settings – Preferences – Move item.
  • [UI/minor] The deletion confirmation now shows “folder” or “document” rather than the generic “file”.


  • A bunch of minor bugs crept in after the refactor. We fixed some and are in the processing of fixing more. It’s unfortunate but we believe it’s worth it in the long term.

That’s it guys, until next time!

Weekly update: 2017 week #1

It’s the first week of 2017 already! This weekly update is probably our simplest in history:


  • Color labels. Now you can add colors to items! For more details, see this post.
  • Move items anywhere. Use this to move items to anywhere in your Dynalist. For more details, see this post.


  • Added color label search. The syntax is in the format of “color:red”. It’s also in the search tips that pop up when you open search.

That’s it for this week, until next time!

Weekly update: 2016 week #52

Hi guys! This is the last weekly update from 2016, the next will be from 2017!

Without further ado:


  • Two heavily requested features are in their final stages, and we’re super excited to release them either later this week or next week. You’re welcome to guess which features they are! 🙂


  • New release notification. Now you receive dismissible notification when a new version is available, so it’s easier to stay up-to-date.


  • [UX] Fixed page doesn’t scroll when necessary when using the Up or Down keys.
  • [Copy paste] Fixed cannot paste into document title.
  • [Mobile/UI] Fixed cannot open the “More options” menu on Android mobile web.
  • [Mobile/UI] Fixed tapping the current pane name (“Files” or “Bookmarks”) in the left pane would hide everything.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed “Expand all” is displayed in the node menu of the document when “Collapse all” should’ve been displayed.

That’s it guys, stay tuned for the next feature releases, and we’ll see you next week! Happy New Year!

Weekly update: 2016 week #51

Happy holidays! We hope you all had a great one! 😀

As usual, here’s from last week:


  • [Mobile] File menu is now accessible on mobile! You can make changes to documents, folders, and bookmarks by tapping on the “Down” arrow button next to each document or file.
  • [Sharing/minor] Removed option to delete the owner him/herself.


  • Limited-time Christmas theme. The color theme is from last year, but because the interface of Dynalist changed a lot, we spent some time tweaking it for the current layout.
  • Promotion system. We didn’t have a promotion system before this Christmas sale, so that needed to be built too. If you didn’t know, until January 5, 2017 you can use the code XMAS16 to get 50% off your purchase (one-time only).


  • [UI/formatting] Fixed bug where if the previous sibling has long Markdown, you could not drag or edit the item without “un-rendering” its previous silbing.

This week will be the last week of 2016, and the next weekly update will be posted in 2017 (I know, unbelievable, right?). See you then!

Weekly update: 2016 week #50

Happy holidays guys! This is the weekly update for week #50. We have more holiday surprises in store for you guys tomorrow and the day after, stay tuned! 😉

Here’s what’s new from last week:


  • [Mobile] Search Everywhere is now available on mobile web! When searching, tap on the “globe” icon to switch to the global mode. In the global mode, tap the “document” icon to go back to the document mode.
  • [Desktop app] The upload manager is now available on the desktop apps as well.
  • [Desktop app] The zoom level is now saved and restored when you restart the app.
  • [Export] Heading 1,2, and 3 are now exported properly in the formatted version.


  • [Sync performance] Fixed moving or copying a large amount of items at once will cause “Can’t sync” and get stuck like that. We found out it was due to a configuration on our server. It happened pretty rarely, only when you move at least thousands of items at once.
  • [UI/selection] Fixed dragging to select sometimes doesn’t “stick” when you’re dealing with items that contain Markdown.
  • [UI/performance] Fixed typing Enter to create new item while searching feels extremely slow in some cases.
  • [Keyboard] Fixed Shift+Up/Down doesn’t have browser default behavior in a multi-line item.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed show note icon showing up in Search Everywhere results.

That’s it guys, happy holidays, stay warm, and stay tuned for our surprises later this week!

Weekly update: 2016 week #49

As usual:


  • Android closed beta: the beta has started. We’re going to add more enhancements to it to make it as close to desktop in terms of features, usability, and efficiency. Right now it’s more about testing that it’s stable (doesn’t crash) and works offline.
  • iOS app development: we’re very closed to an internal usable alpha! The iOS environment is less forgiving than Android, so we’ll probably spend more time making it stable. This is an update for our iOS users—we haven’t forgotten about you guys!


  • Simple upload manager: web only for now. We’ll soon release it to the desktop apps. It allows you to view and delete you uploads. We plan to add more info to the list later: the time when you uploaded it and whether it’s publicly accessible. You can access it in the main menu.


  • [UI/visibility] Fixed child elements are not showing up in rare edge cases.
  • [File upload] Fixed when dragging a single file to upload in Safari, Dynalist mistakenly thinks you’re dropping multiple files.
  • [Android web/UI] Fixed when tapping outside to stop editing, the blue pin doesn’t disappear on Android.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed checked item and note visibility settings getting cropped if you have the shortcut help pane open.

Till next time!

Weekly update: 2016 week #48

Biggest news from last week: our Mac and Linux apps are now available for public beta! Go to our download page to get them.

Here are the other things we worked on:


  • Android closed beta is starting very soon. We’ll add beta testers a batch at a time to ensure stability. Those who have signed up for the closed beta should start hearing from us during these next few weeks!


  • [Windows Desktop] Made sure our Windows app installer works for 32-bit machines.
  • [Usability] Fixed cannot insert internal links in the middle of an item.
  • [Import/paste] When pasting, links are now automatically converted to Markdown links. Before, links were pasted as plain text.
  • [Desktop] Added “About” popup in desktop so you can see your current version and if a newer version is available.
  • [iOS web] Made dates easier to tap on for Safari on iOS.


  • [Usability] Fixed bug where clicking on two tags one after the other breaks search because there’s no space between them.
  • [Mobile/usability] Fixed parent items that only have hidden children (for example all children are checked off) will still have a expand/collapse icon on the right on mobile.
  • [Usability/search] Fixed tags like “@project(test)” are not recognized partially.
  • [Usability] Fixed not being able to select multiple items when you start selecting from the note field.
  • [Import/paste] Fixed extra lines when pasting from OneNote and other sources.
  • [Usability] Fixed clicking outside the selection of multiple items will not clear it sometimes.

That’s it, see you next week!

Weekly update: 2016 week #47

Last week was exciting! We made major progress towards the Android app and fixed/improved lots of other things.

This week we’re experimenting with adding categories (e.g. “minor UI” and “iOS web”) to the list of changes to make it easier to scan. Here’s the list:


  • Read mode for mobile. Now by clicking on the “book” icon at the top, you can enter the read mode. You can zoom in, collapse/expand, and check checkboxes, but the keyboard will never pop up. In the read mode, the “book” icon will become a “pencil” icon. Clicking it again will return to the normal mode.


  • [Android app] We’re now ready for internal testing to iron out major bugs. Hopefully the closed beta will happen soon!


  • [Performance] Big sync optimization. Basically we made loading and syncing faster by avoiding doing unnecessary things. How much time it would save depends on how much stuff you have in your document and how many changes you make; in theory it would made a pretty big  difference.
  • [Desktop] Added the options to print and zoom.
  • [Mobile web] Added save status to the main menu (accessible by tapping the three dots icon at the top right corner).
  • [Minor UI] The undo button will be disabled and the redo button will be hidden on mobile when they’re unavailable. Redo is hidden to make space for the read mode button because it’s the least used one among the four buttons.
  • [Minor UI] Bumped image preview size to 1.5x.
  • [Minor UI] Collapse/expand option is removed from the node toolbar because the option is already available on screen without the toolbar.
  • [Locale] Added support for the Czech keyboard layout.
  • [Performance] Added a bunch of miscellaneous UI optimization that makes the page load faster. It’ll be unnecessarily trivial and technical to expand on that, but it has a lot to do with a JavaScript library that starts with a lowercase “j” and rhymes with “mercury”.


  • [Android] Fixed can’t copy and paste on Android.
  • [Minor UI] Fixed jumpy document title when you try to rename it.
  • [Mobile web] Fixed scrolling the document would trigger zoom and expand/collapse if you happen to have your finger over these icons.
  • [MacOS beta] We now don’t override Alt+Left/Right for going back/forward. We learned the shortcut is important for Mac users, really sorry about that!
  • [Custom shortcuts] Fixed custom shortcuts wouldn’t persist when you set too many of them. Silly mistake on our end.
  • [Sharing] Fixed file right click menu doesn’t show up for read-only files someone else shared with you.
  • [iOS web] Fixed note still occupies full space when the note visibility setting is set to “1st line only”.
  • [Minor UI] Fixed the current line highlight leans towards the bottom by 2 pixels.

That’s it guys, see you next week!

Weekly update: 2016 week #46

This week we’re adding a new “Ongoing” section to update you guys on the not-really-visible-but-we-spent-time-on stuff.

Also announcement first: we’re looking for beta testers for the Android app closed beta. To apply, please shoot us a note via the in-app feedback option and let us know the Google account you use for the Play Store. Please do not leave your email address in the comments or in the forum to avoid getting spammed.


  • We’re in the middle of closed betas for macOS and Linux. We’ve received a bunch of feedback, fixed some issues, and we’ll wait some more for it to become stable.
  • We’ve successfully made the Android app work on a phone, and we’ll start using it internally soon. The next big step is to make offline editing work well. Apps get killed much more often on mobile, so we’ll have to spend extra time making sure. Right now we’re aiming to release both the Android and iOS app before end of 2016.


  • New font option: system font. It uses your system font depending on your platform. That means it’s Segoe UI on Windows, San Francisco on macOS, etc.


  • Mac closed beta: fixed cannot copy and paste with Cmd-C and Cmd-V.
  • Mac closed beta: allowed hiding app with Cmd-H.
  • Fixed symbols like ½ appear as black boxes under the default font setting. This also fixes the ugly style for bold and italics, plus characters like ć and ñ.
  • Fixed spaces at the beginning and end will be trimmed when you paste into Dynalist.
  • Fixed page style is broken for print.
  • Fixed the note icon when notes are hidden would disappear when you refresh the page or switch documents.

That’s it, we hope you have an awesome week!



Weekly update: 2016 week #45

The biggest news is that we’re starting the closed betas for both MacOS and Linux later today! We’ve spent a fair amount of last week working on shipping them, and we’re super pumped about them!

Aside from the closed betas, we’ve also worked on and fixed a bunch of smaller things. Read on if you’re interested…


  • Full-screen experience when sent to iOS home screen. Before, the address bar still shows up after being sent to the home screen. If you’ve previously done so, please remove the icon and add it again.
  • Disable rather than hiding mobile toolbar options. Before, when an option is not available, it simply disappears from the mobile toolbar, making it hard to predict where to tap. Now the unavailable option still shows up; they are greyed out much more to show they’re disabled.
  • Allow empty image description. Before, ![]( doesn’t get parsed as an image at all.


  • Fixed can’t type ń on a Polish keyboard. Before, the Alt+N shortcut is taken by toggling visibility of notes. Now you can set you keyboard layout to Polish and use alternative shortcuts. See details here.
  • Fixed misalignment with multi-line code segments. Before, the first line of code would have padding on the left side but the other lines don’t.
  • Fixed formatting shortcuts like Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I not working when you select a portion of the note.
  • Fixed formatting shortcuts only working for the top level items when you have multiple items selected. Now it works for their children and grandchildren items as well.
  • Fixed note not getting copied over when you convert a list to a document, or copying an existing document with the “Make a copy” option.
  • Fixed scrolling in the Setting screen doesn’t have inertia on iPhone.
  • Fixed the Upgrade option appearing for users who’re already Pro on desktop app.
  • Fixed onboarding tutorial not showing up on desktop app.
  • Fixed scrollbar problem when viewing a publicly shared document. Before, the scrollbar is invisible, but you can still scroll.
  • Fixed selection automatically getting deselected when you use Tab to indent multiple items at once, making it hard to indent multiple items multiple levels.
  • Fixed checked items not properly hidden when searched. Before, if A has a parent B that’s checked off and A matches the search query, the visible parents of B still shows up, making it hard to understand exactly what was matched (since both A and B are hidden).
  • Fixed changing the “Display images inline” option not taking effect immediately.

That’s it guys… see you next week!