Weekly update: 2017 week #5

Here’s the latest from Dynalist:


  • Google Calendar integration work. We’ve already testing it live ourselves, and after a few more tweaks it should be ready for you guys!


  • [Android/UX] You can now use the back button to exit search, settings, or to close the menu. This is on mobile web only right now, but it’s coming to the Android beta app very soon!
  • [UI/minor] The bookmark icon now only shows up when you hover over the current title, making the page cleaner.


  • [UI] Fixed dates and internal links being unreadable inside color labels.
  • [Mobile/UI] Fixed blank space on the right end of the screen in landscape view on tablets, if the document is set to center aligned (the default setting).
  • Fixed slight misalignment between folder titles and document titles.