Google Calendar integration

The newest addition to Pro features is here: Google Calendar integration!

To start syncing events to your Google Calendar, first link your Google Calendar account. Then, let Dynalist know which calendar you want sync to, and which Dynalist documents you want to sync. For full instructions,ย see here.

After setting it up, the dates in Dynalist will be added and updated in Google Calendar as they are created and edited. For example, if I write this in Dynalist:

This will add a new event to your Google Calendar like this:

The event details will look like this, containing the note, breadcrumb of the item, and a link to the original Dynalist item:

Note that the sync happens in the background every minute, and it takes some time to process the events and send them over to Google. If you refresh your Google Calendar right after you add a date, it’s normal that it doesn’t show up right away. Do let us know if it still doesn’t show up after 10 minutes or so (make sure the document is synced though!).

We hope this makes Dynalist more useful for you. Enjoy!

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  • Brian Rossiter

    I love you, Dynalist girls! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much!

    • Uhhh Shida is actually a guy but you’re the most welcome!

      Thanks for the kind words ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Brian Rossiter

        Egads! I’m sorry about that! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Haha, no worries! We find it amusing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nope.jpeg

    My comment disappeared, but I wanted to ask if the potential sync delay time should be added to the pro features page.

    • > My comment disappeared

      Yeah I noticed that too. I thought you withdrew it.

      > but I wanted to ask if the potential sync delay time should be added to the pro features page

      You mean the help center page? Or the Pro pricing page?

      • Nope.jpeg

        I didn’t withdraw it, I think I added it a link, which made it require approval from you guys (ie awaiting moderation) , in case it was spam.

        The help center page.

        • Ah, my bad. And yes, it’d be nice to add that explanation to the help center page as well.

  • Dominik Holenstein

    Great, your are so reliable, so focused, so user friendly and communicative! The Google Calendar integration is perfect for me.

  • Paulo Camilo

    You are the best!
    But if you can attend one or two things, I’ll reach the heaven:
    1. Since I use Thunderbird, and can’t see the hyper link to the Dynalist Task, can you repeat it in the note field of the event (Description), please?
    2. It’s more kind of a question: how can I specificate the length of an event?

    You are wonderful: you promise, you made it. I don’t forget that you said that you were working on this subject and kindly suggest that I need to wait for this feature. Et voilรก! You didn’t fail.

    Thank you, so much.

    • Hi Paulo,

      Thank for the kind words!

      > 1. Since I use Thunderbird, and can’t see the hyper link to the Dynalist Task, can you repeat it in the note field of the event (Description), please?

      This will come in the next gcal integration, stay tuned!

      > 2. It’s more kind of a question: how can I specificate the length of an event?

      Can’t do that right now, sorry. We’ll support date ranges and recurring dates in the future, but it’s somewhat further than when (1) will come.

      Of course right now you can edit the time range in Google Calendar as a workaround. Sorry!

  • Ken Blackman

    Is there a way to specify event duration?

    • Not yet, because our date format doesn’t support it yet. Duration and recurring dates are essential so they will be here in the future.

      • Zoran Rilak

        You guys are seriously knocking it out of the park here. Just got Pro and am migrating my Org notes to Dynalist. That’s saying something.

  • Paulo Camilo

    Just a little tiny thing: this feature is only for the web version, yet, right?

    • Just updated and now it’s available for desktop too!

      • Paulo Camilo

        Linux, please. I didn’t manage to view it. Where it is?

        • Have you restarted…?

          • Paulo Camilo

            OK. My mistake. Thankyou!

          • Just found out we made a mistake… the setting part is not on desktop, but the sync works if you’ve enabled it on web. Will release an update very soon!

  • jonathangcohen

    Your pace, focus, and execution is incredible. Thank you!

  • Ken Blackman

    I have an improvement request regarding this feature.
    A date in Dynalist without a time isn’t a midnight event. It’s an all-day event.

  • isterin

    This is awesome! So happy I switched to Dynalist.

  • Akash Saxena

    What happens when i delete this event from calendar ?

    • Akash Saxena

      * a re-sync again adds it to calendar
      * its never synced again
      * calendar time is deleted from Dynalist item
      * Dynalist item is deleted

      • Hi Akash,

        Right now what happens is that the event is deleted, and until the item containing the date is edited, it won’t be created again.

        When you edit that item though, it does create a new event.

        But no, the Dynalist item is unaffected, and the calendar time is not deleted from the Dynalist item either. Basically, we do not listen for changes in your Google Calendar, so it won’t trigger anything in Dynalist.

  • markkoeks

    This looks really awesome – will the default reminder be added to new events added to gCal?

    • I think so! It could depend on your settings for that particular gCal calendar too, so please double check your gCal settings.

  • Indresh

    I am yet to exhaust my annual workflowy subscription
    But the lack of features like this, and overall dead development, has made me move to dynalist

  • Indresh

    if I mark an item done on dynalist, it still stays in the calendar
    shouldn’t it be removed?

    • Hi Indresh,

      Not necessarily, some people would find that unexpected, since Google Calendar doesn’t automatically remove your overdue calendar items either. It’s very useful to look at the calendar of the past week and find out what you’ve done.

      If you want to make it disappear, please delete it or delete the date part by Alt+Click it. You can also bulk delete checked items in the item menu.

  • Vasilis Labridis

    Hi, I have 2 questions:

    1) Is the sync 2-way? If I update the date/time or the description, will it be updated on dynalist item? What about deleting an event on gcal?

    2) Do you allow to define duration?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Vasilis,

      1) The sync is one-way from Dynalist to Google Calendar. Changes made in Google Calendar will not propagate to Dynalist.

      2) Not yet, but soon to come!