Weekly update: 2017 week #6

Last week we mostly worked on improvements for Google Calendar integration and mobile.

For those who enabled Google Calendar last week and want to refresh your current Google Calendar events to use the latest format, there’s an option called “Re-sync to Google Calendar” in the main menu that you can use the force update all the events. This is a temporary option and will be removed after 2 weeks.

Below is the detailed list of improvements and fixes:


  • [Google Calendar] Dates at midnight will display as all-day events on Google Calendar.
  • [Google Calendar] Dates on Google Calendar will now be removed if they get deleted in Dynalist.
  • [Google Calendar] Added an option in settings to turn on or off Google Calendar sync for all documents at once. It’s convenient but use it with caution!
  • [Google Calendar] Link to Dynalist item is added to the event description field on Google Calendar, for those whose email client does not display the source link field.
  • [Mobile] You can now move items on mobile! Press and hold the bullet point and move your finger around to move it. Android and mobile web only right now, will come to iOS beta soon.
  • [Mobile] Added option to only use WiFi to sync. This is available only in the latest version of the Android beta app right now; it will come to the iOS beta app very soon. This is not applicable to the mobile web version.
  • [Mobile web/iOS] Added option to toggle checklist and get link on iOS mobile web.


  • [Google Calendar] Fixed duplicate calendar items in the dropdown after fetching multiple times.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed internal link suggestion popup disappears when clicking on the scrollbar.
  • [Mobile/minor] Fixed cannot see the last file in the left file pane on Android.

That’s it!

Over the next weeks we’ll focus on finishing polishing the mobile apps in order to release them soon, as well as improving date support and the move item feature. Stay tuned for future updates!