August update

Hi Dynalisters! Here’s a rundown of our August changes:


  • Swipe gestures are coming to mobile! Swipe right for to complete item, and swipe left to delete it. Now available on mobile browsers, and coming to the mobile app in the next few days.
  • You can now reorder files via drag and drop on mobile! Simply tap and hold the file name and then drag to move it.


  • [Dynalist Pro] You can now set a different format for dates without a time, so that the time part of all-day events doesn’t show up as 00:00.
  • [Item move] Creation time is now preserved when moving items to another document with the “Move to” feature.
  • [Formatting] Markdown now gets rendered in breadcrumbs.
  • [Formatting] Markdown is now stripped when creating bookmarks, shown in the window title, and when dragging an item to create a document.
  • [API] Added endpoint for uploading files.
  • [API] Added endpoint for checking if a document has new revisions since the last check.


  • [Search] Fixed searching for “parent:” followed by a capital letter doens’t return results.