November update

Hey Dynalisters! Here’s our November news:


  • Finally you can search and replace text in Dynalist!

    You can search and replace in the entire document, or on any level of the item hierarchy. You also have the option of matching case for more accurate searches.


  • [Formatting] Added new Ctrl/Cmd+K shortcut to add a link. It will generate the necessary Markdown for you. If present, the selected text will be used as the title of the link.
  • [Performance] Vastly improved loading performance for large documents on Chrome by avoiding reflows.
  • [Performance] Vastly improved search speed in large and deep documents.
  • [Firefox extension] Made extension activation shortcut customizable.


  • [Auto-complete] Fixed tag auto-complete not working when the “@” or “#” character follows a “-” character.
  • [Copy/paste] Fixed copying multiple links from Dynalist produces weird results.
  • [LaTeX] Fixed grey boxes on some LaTeX expressions.
  • [Node mover] After moving an item, the cursor is now put on the previous item instead of the next for consistency.
  • [Version history] Fixed bad versions generated by API preventing version history from working properly.


The following mobile changes are available on the mobile browsers and will come in the v1.3.8 app update:

  • To avoid accidental deletion and completion, now mobile swipe actions require an additional button tap to confirm.
  • Added custom toolbar option to insert “#” and “@”.
  • Added custom toolbar option to delete checked items.
  • Added custom toolbar option to export the current item.
  • Added custom toolbar option to insert a newline character.
  • [iOS 13] Fixed can’t select text.
  • [iOS 13] Fixed sharing to Dynalist doesn’t open the Dynalist app interface.
  • Fixed toolbar not showing the first time after app start.
  • [iOS] Fixed pastes adds blank lines.
  • [iOS] Fixed Cmd+Period shortcut not working with external keyboard.
  • [Android] Fixed hold to reorder files triggering file context menu.
  • Now changes are synced right away after sharing to Dynalist.
  • Now when swiping from the left edge of the screen, only the left pane will be opened; the item swipe action will not be triggered.
  • Fixed export dialogue styling on mobile.