December update

Hi y’all, happy New Year! Below is a list of changes during the last month of 2019.

Stay tuned for more awesome updates in 2020!

New feature: multi-line code blocks

You can now insert code blocks by surrounding them in three back-ticks (```). Dynalist will detect the language of the code and highlight it properly.

The color scheme of the code blocks will adapt to the Dynalist theme you’re using.

Note: when copying a multi-line code snippet, please make sure to paste it in the note field of an item, not the item itself, because multiple lines will be interpreted as multiple items when pasted inside an item.


  • [Tags] Tag pane and tag autocomplete now merges tags that only differ by case. In other words, tags are now case insensitive in the context of tag pane and tag autocomplete.
  • [Numbered list] Improved spacing for numbered lists so that up to 999 items can be displayed nicely.


  • [iOS app] Fixed dragging cursor to select would be mistakenly recognized as a swipe.
  • [Editor] Fixed Down arrow sometimes can’t get past empty items.
  • [Item mover] Fixed page would scroll up when destination is not visible after moving an item.
  • [Copy paste] Fixed bold and italic text are not properly converted when pasted.
  • [Mind map] Fixed items with color label are not readable when zoomed into in mind map view.
  • [Date] Fixed recurring dates that occur every few weeks not updated properly when checked.
  • [Desktop app] Fixed auto hide menu bar not working.