January update

Happy 2020 Dynalisters!

Here’s a list of what we have in store for you in the first month of 2020:


  • [Pro] Email to Dynalist. Now you can send stuff to your inbox via email! Please read this help article on how to use it.
  • [Internal links] Added menu option that lets you quickly find all the references of a particular item.
    This option doesn’t have a default shortcut, but you can customize it under Settings – Keymap – Working with lists.
    We’re aware that this option still requires some work before you can see “what links here”. We plan to add an area for backlinks under the currently zoomed-in item, so you don’t have to leave your current context (it will need to be turned on with an option).


  • [Google Calendar] Completed items are now marked with “[X]” on Google Calendar, so you can easily tell what’s done and what’s not.
  • [Search] In addition to “parent:” which searches for a keyword in the direct parent of the target item, you can now search for “ancestor:” for a keyword that exists in any of its ancestor items. This is especially handy if you want to see all the items under a tag. For a full list of search operators, please refer to this help article.
  • [UX] Because a few recent accidents, now Dynalist asks for confirmation when you try to drag a document inside another document. When it accidentally happens without a confirmation, it gives the impression that the document has disappeared. We have worked with everyone who experienced this issue to successfully recover their data.
  • [Mind map] Added new custom shortcut for “Switch to mind map”. It can be found under Settings – Keymap – General.
  • [LaTeX] Now invalid LaTeX (any LaTeX that the KaTeX renderer cannot understand) will be marked in red, so you instantly know something is wrong.


  • [Internal links] Fixed title of internal links not live updating when the source item gets updated.
  • [Checkbox] Fixed the checkbox of a child item getting checked because the parent is checked off. Now the child item is greyed out but it won’t get a line-through nor a check mark.
  • [Data] Fixed rare edge case on the desktop app that prevents future sync with our web server. This bug was annoying but did not cause any data loss.
  • [Drag and drop] Fixed not being able to drop an item in some very, very specific places.
  • [Copy/paste] Fixed content pasted into Dynalist gets appended with “ynalist” in older browsers (weird bug, eh?).
  • [Version history] Fixed version history not being scrollable when it’s too long.
  • [UI] Fixed keyboard shortcuts in item menu not being readable on macOS because of a font issue.
  • [Print] Fixed empty last page gets printed on computers with large screen sizes.