v1.1.17: a huge mobile update

Recently we worked on improving the Dynalist mobile app with a laser-sharp focus, and v1.1.17 is our first step!

Released in the Play Store today, v1.1.17 will arrive at the App Store shortly. This update features:

  • Share text or URL directly to Dynalist inbox. This is only available for Android right now, and be sure to set up your inbox beforehand. Unlike using a shortcut to capture to inbox on web and desktop, this feature is not a Pro feature and anyone can use it.
  • Sort tags in the tag pane.
  • Fixed issues with back button for Android only.
  • Fixed checkbox being hard to tap on.
  • Slimmer item toolbar for more screen space.
  • More intuitive Lock Mode UI.
  • Allow single tap on folder name of toggle expand or collapse it. Before, you need to tap on the tiny triangle toggler icon to toggle it.
  • Added exit button for the date picker interface. Before, if you accidentally opened the date picker, there’s no way to exit it.
  • Fixed Ctrl key sometimes gets stuck when using an external keyboard with Dynalist.
  • Removed collapse/expand buttons in Search Everywhere results since they don’t make sense.

There are still tons of mobile improvements waiting to be done. Stay tuned for our next big mobile app update! 🤗

  • Brilliant!

  • KraftMalz

    As much as i love Dynalist, the Android app is quite laggy, and not very snappy (is that a word?). Last update made it even worse I think 🙁 There is ~2/3 seconds delay when showing/hiding keyboard (Nexus 6p, Oreo).

    • > Last update made it even worse I think 🙁

      It shouldn’t, as we did not change anything about loading :(, so the added functionality shouldn’t cause any more lag. How slow it is depends on many factors, including how many other apps are open, how large your Dynalist documents are, and how powerful your phone is. Each time the slowness might feel different.

      Fixing the lag *is* our top priority right now, as I mentioned in another reply. Stay tuned for our next update!

  • Dynalister

    The app was already slow before the update. It’s very unpleasant to use. Fixing that should be your top priority.

    • That *IS* our top priority, it just takes longer so we released the first part first as v1.1.17. This update does not make the app slower in any way, I’m not sure what you mean by “The app was already slow before the update”?